Thank you for accepting me


I wish to appreciate every one in this great community. it is soo good to be among like minds. I love casino. And i have been into the game both for fun and for cash. for me wether i loose or gain in casino it is still fun.

I hope to make greate friends and contributions here. cheers.


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Don't be shy. Get yourself involved, perhaps with the discussion on how bad bonanza is. Or dive into the thread discussing how roullette balls do some strangely improbable things. There's a good 3-4 years worth of reading on how random number generators are not truelly random while selecting random numbers. Maybe you just want to have a giggle at us in the UK who are facing an unescapable hell hole of crap (aka new UKGC source of wealth and money laundering rules for UKGC licensed casinos), plenty of threads about that too.

Once that has all done your head in to the point of imminent implosion, you could always register via this site to any of the trusted/accredited casinos listed here at Casinomeister to wind down and relax with a good old punt. Or if really needing to take a break from the gambling scene after reading so much horror at once, how about joining in on one of the newer threads that is pretty active and see if you can attempt to discuss the threads title (that is North Korea), without using the word Trump.

Im sure you'll find your stay worthwhile, however you decide to spend your time ;)


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Hi and welcome
Sounds like you know what it's about
I never gamble if I'm not enjoying it keep it fun :)