Thank You Casinomeister!!!! No Problems With Recommended Casinos


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Dec 12, 2002
Thank you for making the effort to publish good, safe, casinos like UK Casino Club. I have had no problems with any casino that you recommend.

Earlier today at UK Casino Club I hit 4 four of a kinds within 25 hands, then a straight flush. I had no sooner done a cashin for $1k when this puppy followed me home!!

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It is my 3rd royal since Nov. and 2nd this month!

If it weren't for you, I probably wouldn't gamble online.

The only thing more frustrating than losing at gambling is winning and not getting paid.
Wow, way to go bighawk! That sure is pretty. Were all those hits on aces & faces?
Hey, good going!!! And you're welcome!

MG's Aces and Faces is one of my favorites (power poker), but I've never had the ellusive RF.

UK Casino Club was a good choice! I bet they were happy as well since everyone likes to see players win.

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