Texas Hold'em poker solved

Well, the article doesn´t say poker is solved.

...That game has not been solved, and Bowling said it probably never will. Sandholm's team won the computer poker world championship with a program to play the unlimited game, but they didn't solve it...

...The Alberta bot is "no threat to human poker players," he said; the games people play are far more complicated than the limited game Bowling and company solved. Many games are played with eight or nine people at a table. A newly popular version of poker called Omaha Hold'em involves each player getting four cards down, and making the best hand using two of them plus three of the community cards, he said...

Interesting article, though. I think in NL Holdem we are still far away from a bot truly solving NoLimit Texas Holdem.
The bot discussed that could solve poker was about FixedLimit Holdem.
Playing poker online is just INCREDIBLY boring - you have to basically be set up like an air traffic controller, playing thousands of games simultaneously, in order to eek out razor thin gains.

I gave it up even before Black Friday, and don't regret it for a second.

I do miss the idea of turning $5 into a million, such as that German guy did several times on PokerStars. But again, he was probably set up real nice to absolutely destroy even the smallest flaws. If Stars or FTP (owned by Stars) were available, I'd just be having a flutter, nothing more.
you have to like the spin&go´s they have now then.

those spin&go's are aimed for beginners really. all you need is luck there (random prize pool & hyper-turbo). slots are much more entertaining than spin&go's and achieve the same things
i agree with that. poker is a complete different game. not a gamblers game.
i do play a lot. +8 years now, and it helped me a lot to feed my urges at a +ev game.
Playing poker been 6 years now, it's true it can be boring... that's why you have to take break, and don't play long session, you might go tilt and lose all, just last week, i lost few chips... i know the feeling..

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