Texas Hold-Em Shootout


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Apr 15, 2007
PaddyPower were giving a 50 bonus on this game today with 1600 WR. I completed with 5 ante and resulted 227.50 profit! :D Went all in 3/4 times and only lost once :p

However, the only kind of strategy available seems to be on PP's own players club website! And that is helpful, but in no way thorough.
It doesn't even feature on WizardOfOdds, I'm not sure why.

Does anyone know a strategy for this?

I would think it is somewhat similar to holdem bonus? So you could apply a similar strategy? Except Shootout seems to be a lot better, because bet is only same as ante, and sometimes the pot is increased by both computer players? (eg i pushed, but ended up +2.50 coz both comps chipped in).
Of course bet=ante means you also win less, but on the other hand you have the option to raise on good hands anyway, so surely this is a far better bet than bonus?


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Aug 25, 2004
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In my professional opinion :rolleyes: , shared with many others, this game is AWP.

AWP = Amusement With Prizes = not a truly random game.

I have played it hell of a lot, and there is no way on this earth that those cards are being randomly selected from the deck. Absolutely zero chance.

However, the payout % is quite high and so I am happy to play it.
But I think of it as a 'fruit machine' - not a card game.
When it randomly decides you will win - you will win no matter what cards you have.
When it randomly decides you will lose - you will lose no matter what cards you have.

Take a look at my two posts here:-



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Oct 14, 2004
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This puts this casino in the same league as Slotland then.
At least with a slot, players may find it reasonable that such bad beats happen, however, if the game is a card game they expect the cards to be drawn fairly from a proper virtual deck that has been randomly shuffled. If this is indeed an AWP type game, the casino should make this quite clear, otherwise players are being cheated, and if a sound proof were to appear that the deck was rigged AWP style BEFORE the casino comes clean, the damage will be not just to those casinos hosting the game, but to the industry as a whole, as players trust that a game is random unless told otherwise will have been shaken to the core.

Probably the best person qualified to look at his would be the Wizard, as his findings command great respect. To get involved, someone has to approach him with evidence that there is a good case to investigate further. Another approach would be to submit an "ask the wizard" - these seem to be running again from the newsletters.


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Jul 26, 2005
I mailed the wizard ages ago about this but no reply so far. I certainly think he should look into this one, seems quite a few people are interested.

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