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May 19, 2003
Although I've been playing online casinos for ages I realised that I've never really touched the Belle Rock Group of casinos. As such, I played at Aces High. Incidentally since I also write reviews for a review site, I thought I'd review it at the same time... What a bad review they'll be getting!!

Anyway... I deposit $100 and actually do OK at the games getting up to $270 but greed makes me hit zero. As such I claim the welcome bonus and zero out on that too.

However, about 12 hours later I make a $300 purchase and get it to $425. This is OK for me so I cash in. I know that I never made the wagering reqs. on the bonus but also know that I hit zero. To make sure the casino don't make a mistake I instantly go to live chat to warn them I've cashed in but that I zeroed out on the bonus earlier in the day. Anyway... the history of my cashin is as follows:

1) I go to live chat to warn them about the cash in. A note is made of when I hit zero on the bonus and sent to processing

2) The manual review of my account rejects my cashin. I phone and complain and an apology is made - I am right. Cash in will the processed.

3) 12 hours later still nothing. I phone up again - still no money. Told "mistake was made, but you are right". Money will be in Neteller in 24 hours.

4) Now almost 4 days since cashin. Find the money back in my casino account. Very angry I phone up and am told... don't know why we did that.. you are right. The only thing I can do is withdraw again... they cannot even push the withdrawl through faster!

So it will be probably 7 days before I see the money, assuming there are no more problems. What makes me even angrier about this is there has been NO communication from the group. It has been me doing the chasing every time. Even if I did have to wager more it looks like this group would simply reverse the cashin and not tell the player!

This is particularly frustrating as I could see this happening and warned casino chat as soon as I cashed in to avoid delays.

Oh well... definitely avoid I would say.

Would the Belle Rock Rep care to comment on this appauling situation?


Looks like poor (as in none) internal communication efficiency between the departments dealing with the cash-in process.
BelleRock were getting a flurry of poor reviews in the summer, and admitted problems in service levels. It would appear that addressing these issues has taken rather a long time, and in some cases might lead to poor reviews.
I expect the BelleRock rep will reply on this. I had a lot of trouble with the UK only Riverbelle promotions, but the last couple have gone smoothly.
There should not be an issue with pushing a withdrawal through quickly to Neteller. It may cost them more, but as they screwed up in the first place it is the least they can offer.

There appears to be a bug in the systems that monitor zeroing out on a bonus. Even logging off and playing the next day does not always work. The same happened to me at Spin Palace after I zeroed out and played the next day with my collection of loyalty points worth 300. The bug was found when I queried the rejection, I was found to be right. I was asked to withdraw again, and then E-Mail them to flush it. I got it in Neteller the next day.
It might be worth (after zeroing out) logging in and straight out again, establishing a session with start and end balance of zero, before logging in again to deposit & play. This should work if the casino has the upgraded Playcheck with individual session overview, rather than the older default last 24 hours of play.
Hmm.. thing is I zeroed out on the bonus and closed the casino down. It was 8 hours later that I went back and made a fresh deposit. Hence the system had 8 hours to note the balance at zero!!

I'll keep you updated.

i'm having exactly the same problem at one of the bellerock casinos myself at the moment.

i made a deposit about 2/3 months ago, have played well past the WR a long time ago, keep trying to cash it out, it keeps getting reversed to my account, no sign of any emails to tell me so, even bellerock on this site and their "special" accounts supervisor have told me me that i have wagered enough to cash out.
Good luck

they screwed up my last four withdrawals. Took about ten days each to get them and hours on live chat and the phone.And the CS rep on here had the balls to say if I'm not "getting any joy" out of their CS I should PM him.The whole sarcastic comment says to me they just dont give a sh*t. Its in the thread titled "Question for the BelleRock Gaming rep" My next withdrawal from bellerock will be never if you know what I mean.
Thought I might add my opinion here...

Bellerock has been having problems for months and months now and what we hear is 'We are working on it'.I think it would be a pretty accurate to say that its no longer a short 'bad patch' for them which would be reasonable and to be expected from someone so long in the casino business but it is a clear indication of incompetent management/support at least in my opinion.
This isn't a new problem and I don't think it is anything to do with zeroing out previous requirements from my experience. They sometimes reverse withdrawels for no reason. It happened to me a couple of years ago in one of their casinos for a sign up offer. I had to withdraw twice to receive it when it got reversed the first time. I didn't contact them about it and received it after withdrawing the second time. I think it mainly happens on first withdrawels on new accounts because it doesn't seem to recur after that. It would be good to get an explanation for it but it could be that they are too busy to process all the new withdrawels in time. It could also be a problem calculating wagering requirements.
Reasoning for reversing cashins for new players??

Well that's simple.. They are greedy bastards, who know most players will just lose it all back.

So nice to know how UNETHICAL they are.

It's worrying that a Gibraltar licensed and Meister approved casino group should exhibit this sort of behavior. Reversing withdrawals without customer's request is totally unacceptable and unethical. It's like you went to a land based casino, cashed out, walked to the door and the doorman took away all your money and put it back in the slot machine.

I don't know how often it happens but it does happen occasionally and I would like some explanation for it too. They didn't send me an email giving any reason for the reversal last time it happened to me a couple of years ago. Whether it was to do with miscalculating wagering requirements or not, they should have at least sent an email giving the reason for the reversal. The problem is not that common or you would have heard about it more often. They currently have a lot of bonus offers for returning players so it wouldn't be surprisng if they have had more withdrawels than they expected or could reliably handle so that may be a contributing factor.
Hi All,

Benroles; I have got your PM and will look into this for you.

Scrollock; I thought this problem had been resolved. If you are still having a problem please let me know and I will sort it out.

As for the reversed withdrawal issue, there are a couple of reasons that this happens. Firstly because wager requirements are not met and secondly for verification purposes. In both cases an email is sent to the player in question. In one instance informing them that the WR was not met, and in the other instance requesting verification documentation. There seem to be numerous problems with players not receiving email, and I won't even begin to speculate as to why this happens.

In answer to the concerns surrounding WR and zeroed accounts, we are developing alternative systems for dealing with this more effectively and hope to have this in place shortly.

I can assure you that our systems are able to cope with any number of withdrawals, and we certainly do not reverse a withdrawal for no reason at all.

Again, I assure you of our best intentions at all times and, again I will say, if you are having no joy with CS please PM me directly, keeping in mind that I may not be able to respond immediately.

Best regards,

Belle Rock
Hi Benroles,

As mentioned in my PM to you, the reversal of your withdrawal was due to a communication error between two departments. unfortunately the messages instructing our Risk department to allow your withdrawal had been delayed and the reversal was processed before they could act on the new instructions.

I have confirmed that your withdrawal has been processed and will appear in your Neteller account shortly.

I apologize for any inconvenience caused.

Best regards,

Belle Rock.
Thanks Bellerock - I look forward to receiving the money in Neteller. It is a shame it had to be dealt with like this, however!

Best regards,

PS - This thread can be marked 'RESOLVED' if admin wishes.

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