Terrence "VP Pappy" Thoughts


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May 19, 2002
"Never forget that a raise is your opinion that you have a better hand than your opponent."

"If George Washington never told a lie, he would have made a lousy poker player."

I don't have time to study the game right now, I'm too busy trying to break this long losing streak that I'm in."

Forget all those losing hands that cost you money, but never forget what they taught you."

"The acceptance that you aren't a very good player will be the start of your poker education."

"Loose play, lose money."

"It's your choice. You can either swim with the sharks and try not too get eaten, or you can find another ocean to swim in."

--Terrence "VP Pappy" Murphy, author of the soon to be published (hopefully, fingers, eyes, legs crossed) JOKE-TIONARY of POKER TERMS

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