Temple Slots - where CPA is not CPA + Betfred Issue


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May 22, 2012
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Just a heads-up about this Active Wins brand Temple Slots. Nothing wrong with the casino AFAIK but their CPA/RS offer is like something I have never seen before.

Wondering why I hadn't been paid my CPA fees for a couple of months I contacted them, to be told '"Negative RS is offset against your CPA money" !!!!!!

Utter BS. You take a lower RS when getting a hybrid deal for that whole bloody reason, the CPA fee is ringfenced regardless of RS earned. Not here though.

Temple Slots are NOT applying CPA as you would get from other programmes using it.

Betfred - retroactive AffPower type terms now being applied:

As per section 14.1 of the Betfred Affiliate Programme Terms and Conditions, we are contacting you today in relation to our records showing that you have not delivered a First Time Depositor (FTD hereafter) in the last three months.

Betfred's programme terms state that you must deliver at least one new customer within a period of three months.

As per these terms, we require a positive change and response from you within the next seven days. For example, a commitment to actively push Betfred.

Failure to do so will result in your account being moved to a 10% revenue share.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact your affiliate manager, or email us on

This has happened with other programmes where terms have been updated for retrospective skimming, but the worst thing? I actually HAVE recruited FTD's in the last month! :rolleyes:

These 2 issues when put alongside the persistent Active Wins 'delayed payments this month on xxxx brand for yyyyy reason' e-mails make me question the running and ethics behind AW. Something isn't working right IMO.

Be aware, that's all.

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