ATTN: Casino Rep Tell me who you are in promotional Mailings please


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Mar 13, 2008
I receive a lot of promotional mail, both from Casinos I belong to, and some I don't.

Don't just send me mail saying "we have a bonus for you", or "Weekend promotion", and have it come from "Support", "Steve, May, Laura, Harry, Victoria or whoever", "Customer Service, etc.)

Tell me it's your property in either the Subject line or the Sender address.

Because the spammers send me the same stuff, and I don't want to miss something I want. I'm apt to ignore you if that's all I see.


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Aug 15, 2007
London, UK
casino / poker emails

Jasminebed - I always think its good when you get personal emails from the casino / poker manager.

For mass emails to lots of players, I always used the co's name I worked for in the email and the subject line was specific to the promotion.

These days the tons of casino and poker emails I get lack total imagination.

For all the reps out there - a lot more personal emails should be sent by casino / poker managers to their players and maybe come up with something different in the general emails sent out on mass - try and be inventive / funny etc and not just trot out the same old stuff week -in week-out!!



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