Telemarketers Be Warned


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Dec 11, 2003
Since October of 2003, there is a Do Not Call List in the Uninted States being enforced by The FCC. Any company, besides a goverment (ie political solicitation or a charity) can not call you of you are on the national list (over 40 million Americans plus are already registered.) If you wish to register your phone number(s), go to This is an official US government site that will take your phone numbers and add them to the do not call national list ans send you an official email to verify you are on this list. All telemarketers must comply with this list or are subject to FCC fines starting in the several thousands of dollars. This list applies to companies that call you whree you have never had a relationship with them (cold calls) and companies you have a relationship with (like your phone company, credit card company, etc.) , so long as you notify the company you do not wish to be called (keep written documentation or some firm form of documentation showing you have done this). Further as of January, all 800 #s have to show the phone number of origin and not simply out or area. Telemarketers used this ploy for years not to get caught by pissed off potential customers. I would suggest passing this email around and on line casino operators go to to see the rules; afterall, it is there money that may be at stake. Peace.

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