TeenPattiParty - be careful!


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Dec 24, 2005
(remove xxx from URL)

xxxhttp://teenpattiparty DOT com

Found this today, (teen patti is a card game played in India much like 3 card poker) thats cropped up supposedly in India. Though on further research I find the main site is hosted on a yahoo server, (domian owner in CR) with the game software running out of Costa Rica.

On site they are offering a free 50 for sign-ups but you have to send photo ID. Personal I'd be really careful of sending any ID to a place like this.

Anyone else heard, seen or know anything?
Only that I'd steer WELL clear of any site called teenpattiparty.com! Dunno about 'removing' the xxx, I reckon there should be a few in there to begin with :eek:

Dirty boy. :p

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