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May 8, 2014
chelmsford UK
Hoping I have this in the right section, nearly finished my 2nd bottle of celebrity red.

I know most loathe Ted Pub Fruit, but I love it, mainly as it plays like a pub fruit, features galore, even if most are crap. But I love the risk of carry on spinning round the top, knowing it can be shit or but. I often have £100 on the go round the top. The real money in in the big money feature, so the money you build up the bigger the chance of hitting it.

Well hit it I have 2 weeks running now. 1 week ago I was only playing £2 a spin and lost the feature up top, it then gives you a random feature, normally crap. Well this time it gave me big money. Now no point getting excited and 9-10x you 150 ex.

This time paid £1600, not to shappy for a £2.

Anyway this week stuck £250 in Started at £2, was playing like a bog, so Raised £5 with £125 leaf.

I got nothing, no win no sweet FA. Had £37, was so pissed of I went max £10. I got the feature and had £150 going round the top, but no extra life expended coming down, so was a shit or bust feature.

So I hit, but could not see what I had won, Still could not see what I had won, when suddenly the screen change to you have won the big money feature.

I was like OMG I,m on max bet Minimum payout £1500, max £100,000 ( ipresume that's right£10,000x £10. Well I wont be retiring yet But the £2500 win is quite handy.

Also had an £800 for a £" a while ago
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Aug 9, 2012
Good result. My most recent run of “Cashout” results from Blueprint pub slots as best RTP is achieved by gambling everything (dodgy advice but this has been discussed before);

5x, Lose, 4x, Lose, 3x, 10x, Lose, 3x, 15x, 2.5x, Lose, Lose, Lose, 2.5x, 15x, 10x, Lose, Lose, 100x, 2x, Lose, 1.5x.

Relief on the 100x. Agree it does give you some entertainment for your money but as you’re often going to push to Cashout this is somewhat diminished. Certainly more fun than I’ve had on any Megaways slots recently!


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Mar 25, 2012
I loved these games at first but unfortunately the mask soon slips and you realise that they're a lot simpler than they first appear, and as Siohmy notes above, the best way to play them is to simply play every board to a cashout (optimal RTP is achieved this way), and the quickest way to achieve that is to gamble like a lunatic as soon as you get on the board, as when you lose a gamble you get the cashout.

It kind of makes sense really, as the game can't be compensated like actual AWPs are.

I still fire them up occasionally as they can be entertaining, but they are ultimately very limited.

Also note that one of the Deal Or No Deal ones has a higher RTP than all the others, so you may as well play that one.

I made a couple of videos about them when they came out:


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