Ted Loh aka Spearmaster RIP

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May 29, 2004
Many of you will have known Ted Loh, aka Spearmaster, either in person or through the forums. I'm sad to report that Ted passed away earlier this week after a battle with cancer. He had recently had an operation to try and remove the threat, an expensive operation that came with risks and had to be undertaken in Singapore where Ted spent a fair bit of time, but nonethless a risk Ted felt, following prognosis, he had to take.

I spoke to him by phone in hospital on Monday and it was clear that things weren't good. I promised to call back to resume on Tuesday but unfortunately Ted lost his fight overnight.

I have to say - and anyone who knew him personally will testify - when you have a conversation with Ted where you could get a word in edgeways then you know things aren't right. If there was one person who could talk, it was Ted! He was very opinionated, especially in matters concerning the industry but you have to put your hands up and say he was not only very enthusiastic but knowledgable too.

When I first entered this industry back in 2005, Ted was one of the first characters I met and I can't start to tell you how much he helped me and there will be many others here and elsewhere who can turn around and say that Ted's advice helped shape their future. Some of his debates with players and affiliates alike on the forums lead to some very entertaining threads and while on the surface, Ted could appear stubborn at times, I know from our regular conversations he did tend to listen as much as he talked!

One of my lasting memories of Ted will be of him sitting in Vegas, playing Zeus II and getting very worked up about it's RTP! If a machine was beating Ted, Ted was momentarily convinced he'd sat at the machine with the lowest RTP in the whole casino. It was at times hilarious to watch. But at least he knew when to move on before it got too bad!

Ted, if you're reading this, take it easy mate and while you're up there, go have a chat with Zeus and sort out your differences!

Over the past decade I was priveleged to call Ted a friend, both personally and in business, and his passing leaves me feeling very down today.

He was a warm, smart and immensely likeable guy with a comprehensive knowledge of the business and gambling generally, and I will miss him as I am sure will his many friends in the industry.

Part of the tragedy is that he was only middle-aged and still had so much to accomplish and offer.

Conferences will never be the same without interacting with the man.

R.I.P. Ted.
I am sorry to hear this!
Hopefully he is in a better place with no pain.
A few weeks ago a childhood friend of mine also passed away in this horrible disease... She was only 29, but I know that she was in alot of pain so that makes it easier.

I am sure that they are both now looking down on all thier friends and loved ones...

I had known Ted for about a decade. He was one of the first and most active forum members on what was, at the time, one of the first forums out there dedicated to the online gaming scene. Over the years he ... well, he was Spearmaster and if you didn't know who Spear was then you didn't know much.

I'm not sure how he managed it but he became an integral part of what online gaming was: no matter what was happening he was out there and you knew you'd hear his opinion sooner than later and it would matter.

So yeah, what Jet more or less said: it won't be quite the same without Ted out there doing his thing.
Still can't take it in that you have gone Ted. Lost for words to say to be honest.

You were instrumental in helping me make the transition from part time affiliate to full time affiliate. You became over the years a very good friend and Keely and I are going to miss you very much.

One of my fondest memories of Ted was the day after Bryan's 50th in London. We were sat together in the small gpwa presentation that Michael Corfman was giving. We decided to slink off and then headed straight to Hamleys in Regent Street. We must have spent over 3 hours going through every corner of that store. No offence to Michael, but we found that much more fun :)

Rest in peace buddy. You will never be forgotten.

I'm in shock and at a total loss of words. Ted was one of my dearest friends. What makes this even more tragic is that he has a wife and three young kids - two teenage girls, and a boy my son's age (9).

I'm sure this is a blow to everyone, and he knew a lot of people. He was a driving force here at Casinomeister - and there hasn't been too many business decisons made without his consultation and blessings.

I have many, many fond memories of Ted. I really don't know what to say at the moment. This is a huge loss.
Ted was an incredible person who although I only saw now and again at industry events I could honestly call a friend, he was always full of life and his enthusiasim was infectious - When you spent time with Ted you always left with a smile.
I will never forget my slot and noodle marathon in Macau with him where he literally jumped form slot to slot showing me how they work, the bonus, the sounds, and of course in detail as to why it won't pay him out ;)

Ted - I am gutted I won't get to play Bruce Lee ever again with you RIP My Friend
While not knowing him personally, I know many of you did and I grieve for his loss and the effect it will have on his family and closest friends. RIP Ted
I was fortunate enough to have met Ted in person several times, the first being at ICE London in January 2007. I was lucky enough to get to know him a little in an informal sense, when 6 of us went for a curry together after the show.

I can only echo what those above have said - he was a truly great and very friendly guy.
I'm socked at this news and my condolences go out to his family and his many close friends.
This is a very sad loss. :(

I only met Ted a few times, but that is all it took.

Ted would always tell you exactly what he felt, I will miss the honesty and knowledge he brought to the forums.

Terrible loss, my deepest condolences to the Loh family and his dear friends.
Ted has helped me in the past with some things.& I have learned a few things as well from Ted.

My condolences go out to Ted's family & close friends.
God Bless

I'm in shock here too. I didn't meet him personally, but have had emails over the yrs. and he helped me with a few problems i'd had. He sure will be missed by all. My condolences go out to his family and many friends.
In total shock right now, and too sad for words. RIP Ted.

I don't know who I'm going to go to now for help with my computer, advice on stuff gaming related and just someone to talk to.

This industry has lost a true pioneer, and as unbiased an advocate as you will find anywhere. And the world has lost a great person. I have lost a friend.

LOL @ Simmo's recollections of Ted on the phone. We spoke one time for two hours on the phone...and it was a battle who could talk more. :)

I just don't know what else to say...I will miss him.
very saddening news. I've always looked up to Ted, as one of the most knowledgeable and respectable persons in our industry.

A vivid anecdote illustrates this: I remember having to deal with complaint posts on a certain affiliate forum, just a few days after starting my first job as an affiliate manager, back in 2003 or 2004. Despite posting several times and being as straightforward as I could, the thread dragged on, and I felt that I wasn't trusted or even listened too. As a newbie, I was taking this quite personally.

Even though he didnt know me, and had very limited dealings with our affiliate program, Ted stepped in the conversation to back me up, and everything eased out afterwards. All in the name of fairness :)

My thoughts are going to his family and friends.
Although I never knew him personally I remember him as far back as 2000 at Freecasino.com. He seems very nice and knew a lot about the online gambling business. He was looked too and up too by many a new online players and web masters. Whatever he said you could take to the bank. He will be miss. Condolences to his family. Rest in peace Spearmaster.
I am at a loss for words - I am just shocked.

Ted was the first affiliate I ever met in person - back when he still had gottobet and was an affiliate.

The best word I can find to describe him is - real. Ted was always outspoken, and he always said exactly what was on his mind - the quintessence of honesty and straight forwardness. It was always refreshing to talk to him. Whether I agreed with him or not - I always liked him - a lot - and I always sought him out whenever we were in the same town at the same time.

When his views ran contrary to a crowd he still always stated them clearly and he was never intimidated.

It is unreal to see the pioneers of the online gambling scene pass on so young and in such rapid succession - Ted, Lou and Allan - Spearmaster, Professor and Captain.

Without them laying a foundation the scene would be very different today. It would be a lot worse. They each fought for a clean industry in their day, and without them I think we would all be a lot worse off.

RIP Ted - I will miss you a lot.
My thoughts and prayers go out to Teds family and friends, he was a great help to players and affiliates with his words of wisdom and was someone you felt and knew had your back.

I last heard from Ted in July , he will missed more than words can say.

Rest in Peace Spearmaster

I will miss Ted a lot. He was always there when you needed him and a lot of fun to be around.

RIP my friend!
Ted was quite an adversary! We would often lock horns over issues where I strongly supported players, even where things looked a little questionable. Ted would put arguments for the casino, as well as correcting me on matters of fact Vs impression/rumour. He would sometimes challenge me to show my proof, or quote references.

Our opposing views on Playtech were a particular bone of contention between us, and I did wonder why I was getting an "easy ride" these last couple of months.

Condolences to his family, who I am sure will feel this loss more than anybody in the industry.

I met him once, at a dinner in London put on by 32Red. I was there in recognition of my persistence in getting to the bottom of the causes of a Microgaming cock-up that made their casinos unable to operate on increasing numbers of players' PCs (including mine). We may have coexisted at other events, but I do not recall seeing him.
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