technical problems with cashins at bellerock


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Oct 31, 2005
still progressing
I tried to cashin some bucks at a bellerock casino and got a strange error message. I guess some of the forums members might have experienced the same?
Was lucky enough to get a live chat and this is what they said:

Hello player, an agent will be with you shortly
You are chatting to Chereez
player : hello
player : my account is: txxxxxxx
Chereez : Hi there, and welcome to our live chat support.
player : i tried to cash in money but it doesnt work
player : error message for hours now
player : anything wrong with my deposit?
Chereez :
Do you mind waiting one moment while I access your account details please?
player : ok
Chereez : Kindly note that we are experincing some technical issues at this stage. We do apologoze for the inconvenience this may cause you.
player : ohh
Chereez : Could you please try within the next 24 hours again.
player : i see
player : ok, i ll do
Chereez : Your patience is greatly appreciated Player.
Chereez : Thank you so much.
player : thanks , bye for now

Lets hope that it will be fixed in some 24 hours...

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