tech issue on wms


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Hello all

I don't know if anyone else has had this issue before but i cant get any wms games to load on my laptop, All other games load fine such as IGT Netent and so on. Ive even logged into different casinos and get the same thing. When i try to load any wms games such as wizard of oz or zeus my laptop states it cannot connect to server......

I also disabled my internet security suite but get the same response, All was working well 2 days ago.

I contacted customer support at my casino who stated it could be a stuck game so he investigated this and i was told all was good, But guess wms games loading again. ive googled the issue but not getting anywhere fast with this,most frustrating.

so its back to playing immortal romance.........AGAIN getting board

any help would be appreciated.....btw im running wdws 8.1 6gigram on an acer espire E1-531 machine with all updates from wdws.( I wonder if its the wdws updates causing this? )

many thanks


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sorry guys and girls just to add......i use google chrome...also tried internet explorer but get the same issue.


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WMS recently blocked huge ranges of IP addresses, are you connecting directly via your ISP?

If using BT Broadband, some IP ranges (in the Home Counties) are blocked. Try rebooting your router to obtain a new IP.


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Thanks for replying nicola

tried the reset but alas no .....most strange will keep trying though


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Another thing to try...

1. Open a WMS game, let the graphics for the game load
2. Close the game
3. Reopen the same game and it should load


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yeh same here

I'm have the same problems here too.Its just wont load.Just wondering why they have blocked the ip address?Shame did enjoy playing some of there
games and hope it is sorted soon:)


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Hi Both,

You might want to try a couple of things to help your Casino's look into the issue.

1/Have you got a different device or PC you can try the games on? Do they load on the other device?
If yes it could be a software issue with your PC.

2/Are you able to load WMS games with a different Casino?
If yes it could be an issue with a stuck session or block from your Casino. If no, it could be your connection.

Once you know a bit more about what's causing this try and get through to your Casino's technical support team. They might ask you to do a couple of other tests to find out where the connections being interrupted.

In the meantime, theres a load of other great game providers out there:)

Kind Regards