Tatts casino, I cannot find any info on withdrawals of winnings


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Aug 10, 1999
First I have looked through their entire web site several times. I have failed to find any info. Then I contacted the casino via email and got the answer to check their: (a) FAQs and (b)Terms and Conditions.

I can not find any of those! Is it my fault?
Does anybody know about how their withdrawals are done. I do not know maybe players are not supposed to withdraw at all.

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Jun 30, 1998
HI Jen,

I believe this information is given to you when you open an account. I'll let them know that they ought to post it on their main site since this is a question that most players have. Probably just an oversight on their part.

Withdrawing is quite easy. First you must provide proof of identity. I just scanned my passport and a water bill, emailed them as an attachment and that was it. For your first withdrawal, they send you a check via mail. Once you have deposited this, then they know you is you and then they give you other options for withdrawals.

Hope this helps.



Dormant account
Aug 10, 1999
Thank you, Bryan. As usual you are most helpfull.

The thing that puzzles me most is that the casino have directed me to non-existing documents twice while ignoring my question.

I still keep playing Tatts lotteries online.


4 jen:
This casino,lotery support team is not very fast for answering!!!:)
But every answer on every quest!! (my experience)
Email with documents ,must be send in TEXT format (not HTML)
From Bryan answer:-I just scanned my passport and a water bill.........
- and you must print TATTS Member Registr Form and filled-out send back to Tatts!