Taking a break to put the house and yard in order


Grumpy old gal
I cherish being a member of CM, and I try to be active.

I don't always post, but I read almost everything.

And that takes quite a bit of time. And even though I don't mean to spend this much time, it sometimes gets away on me.

There was an I'm Quitting thread a while ago, and I'm far from ready to quit.

But I think I'm on hiatus for the next little stretch while I deal with gardens and spring cleaning.

So all is well in Jazzyland, just busy.

I'll miss you, but I need to resist the temptation. I could have cleaned somthing or moved something instead of this post. My 3Dice friends, I've asked for a short ban from there too. Not because I'm unhappy with my play, just that I could better use the time for right now.


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I'm thinking of taking one too as I'm having a run of bad luck-I only spend what I can which is good I suppose,but best to take a break before things get out of control.

Grats for recognising it as needing a break and good luck,hope you are back with us soon Jasmine-I for one will miss your posts!


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Get a good rest Jazzy and handle your household chores. Be back by Thanksgiving at the latest.:)


aka LooHoo
Get out there and enjoy springtime Jazzy. There's plenty of time to hunch over the computer for hours at a time when it's winter again. :)


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Enjoy your break!!! I will be looking forward to your return.

Although I am not big on doing house hold chores, you know like dusting and mopping floors (that is why I pay someone else to do it,;)) I do love being outside and breathing the fresh air. It can be so relaxing. When we bought this house 5 years ago I took before pictures because I wanted to see the improvements my hubby and I made, and then when we finish something I take the after picture. It really is a natural high to what the work that we did and what accomplished together.

I will miss you Jasmine, but know that your doing something that you want to do, and hope you just don't stay away to long!!



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Enjoy the outdoors and the lovely spring weather of late, Jasmine.:) Wish I had a little spare time myself for some weed pulling and sprucing up.


Grumpy old gal
A rainy day

Snuck back in since it's pouring out. Sorely needed, it's getting to hard to work the soil right now, and the rain barrels are empty.

A gift of about 2/3 of a yard of soil is being put to good use, but I've had to shovel and move it 3 gallons at a time. But I've doubled the size of my front beds, and revived my back beds, as well as quite a few planters. 3 years on the sidelines left me badly out of shape, so I can't toil all day long.

Last week I went on a party cruise with 4 girlfriends. In addition to watching the beautiful shoreline of the St. Lawrence River, we had the treat of trick sky diving and fireworks for the RMC graduation ceremonies. It's good to have a friend that works at the radio station for free tickets.

Tomorrow is an overnighter up to Rama, a day more rain is called for, and BB King in concert Thursday night with a very late night return after the show.

Should have a fresh crop of dandelions to greet me upon my return, and probably three unplanted tomato plants withered on my porch.

I did make use of the rainy day to unzip (I love spacebags) my summer wardrobe and toss it into the dryer to unwrinkle it and put away the winter things.

I was having withdrawal from here, I did sneak a peak a couple of days briefly. It gets easier as the days go on.

Hope all are well and I have some reading to catch up with!


Ueber Meister
Wow, you have been busy! But glad you came back to give us an update.

It rained here yesterday, and then the thunder and lightening hit. The lightening hit the Weeping willow tree and broke it in half. Which isn't such a bad thing because it was pretty much dead, just glad it didn't catch fire. The good thing is now I don't have to pay someone to take it down lol.

Enjoy your hiatus, hope to hear from you again real soon.



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I'm extremely jealous of all who can grow such lovely flowers. The only things I can grow are weeds LOL My son brought me his lawn mower (since my mower deck disintegrated) so it will take me about 3 days to mow down my hay field. Hopefully the rain will hold off.

It's taken me a week to catch up reading all the new stuff here as I didn't have any internet for a month. Now I have a glitchy computer, so I may be without for awhile again grrrr. Oh well, at least it's nicer outside and I can do some walking and whatnots now.

Any new recipes for the grill jasminebed???


Grumpy old gal
7 minutes of rain this morning did nothing to help today. I've got ground so hard I can't work it.

Really beautiful peonies, looks like mine will be out in a few days. We don't usually have them until mid-June, everything is so early. The lilacs are pretty much over, and my irises are all out.

Ksech, peonies are perennials that bloom effortlessly year after year. Helps to tie them up so a heavy rain doesn't flatten them, but they survive even that neglect. Trim them down or mow them down in the fall, or leave it until spring if you don't mind the mess.

Bingo, sweet of you to cut such perfect roses for your lovely wife.


On a Break
Enjoy the outdoors and the 'Real Life' ... I have been missing in action for quite sometimes myself as we bought a house etc etc ... I know sometimes you feel a sense of responsibility when you are a part of something like this but I think most of the genuine members of the forum understand and will always respect your will to switch between the 2 worlds when required :)