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Once again 9/11 has come and gone, the flag and candle vigilence is done and our lives go on. Although my heart is broken for the loss of life, it is equally broken for the acceptance of it.

We are conditioned to treat the day as we do a holiday, give thanks or reverence on that day and then get back to your daily routine for all the other days.

Why I say the acceptance of it, is because of the many that have accepted the cover story of what took place that day, question no further, investigate no more. Just accept that planes were flown into two of US's largest buildings that contained not only over 3 thousand people, but tons of office furniture, building material, toilets, sinks and whatever else the buildings may have contained.

Now just consider for a moment, where is all this material? Where are the desks, computers, filing cabinets, toilets and anything else? In an explosion materials is hurled in all directions, the area as far as it reaches would have had some of these materials scattered all about, where are they?

Consider also, that in any plane crash in history, it has always been wreckage, piles and heaps of wreckage, where is it in this case? Do you even want to know?

Why is there so much dust, but no material, such as furniture, bathroom fixtures, office equipment. But there is plenty of dust.

How can anyone truly accept the idea that planes totally disintigrated two
50 million ton mass buildings and all it's contents?

How can two airplanes reduce two 50 ton buildings to dust, damage vehicles 7 blocks away, in very specific ways and yet not blow up their gas tanks? Where there are cars actually on fire, why are the papers all around them not burned? Entire engines were vaporized, as was door handles, tires, leaving the steel beltings and any vehicles and metal beams that remained were now rusted?

Please check out the evidence given on this site I have included a link to before critizing. The findings given here is the most extensive and compelling information I have yet to study.

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For a massive collection of photographic evidence please click the next link.

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It is much easier to ignore, critize or ridicule than it is to face possibilities of things that are out of our realm of what is acceptable.

We do not do justice for those who have died if we are only willing to honor them on that 9/11 day.

GGW Laurie

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I think Bush, Cheney and Foxnews planned the whole thing. :)
Well if thats what floats your boat, its your opinion and everyone is entitled:rolleyes:.



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well, it was just a bit of sarcastic humor.
Hey, don't worry about it Slotplayer, I understood you were being humoristically sarcastic. Hope some have looked at the evidence provided here, it is extremely compelling.

If we refuse to understand what some people are capable of, there will always be more "victims", for us to mourn.


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personally i went through many conspiracy theories aout 9/11 the past years.

of course they raise some valid questions but after all i watched/read about this subject i have to come to the conclusion there is/was no conspiracy.

all arguments of the conspiracy have good arguments against it.

i myself think its pretty human to believe 9/11 was an inside job, whatever, but! the reason is maybe people cant believe it actually happened like it happened. its too big to be capable.

the collapse of the buildings etc are not suspicious in any way for, just believe how many cerosine burned inside the building and melted all to dust. no wonder you find nothing more than dust if a building like the world trade collapses in itself.

imo it would be totally insane to believe bush (allthough i dont like him) had his hands involved. the whole damage and pain 9/11 created is way too enormous just to have a reason to invade afghanistan.

look at afghanistan these days, not much has been achieved yet, more chaos every day.

its very very sad and painful that an attack like 9/11 occured and people search explanations, but sometimes its reality is way more simple and hard to beleive than any conspiracy theory. as sad as it is:(

also remeber before 9/11 nobody ever thought such a massive attack is even possible or how to react etc. people and also the us government were hit icecold without warning and if you watch different documentaries you see how confused everybody, also fe rumsfeld was this day. he sat in the pentagon while it was hit.

i respect everybody has different views on this, iam non us citizen, i understand that us citizens maybe think different on this subject as they were involved directly into this disaster.

ps: for example look at the theory of loose change. its made like an entertaining movie and on first impression it might be logical but all of the arguments in loose change have been refuted already. but people who want to believe in conspiracies often just ignore the facts.

but it should be alarming that 40% of the us belives 9/11 was a conspiracy.




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Thanks Coxwel for your very well balanced post. My feelings, whether it was a consipracy or a real attack on the US, is that so many of us in this country are increasingly becoming distrusting in our government, leaders and so on.

There is plenty of evidence all around us that shows we are not told everything, not listened to and not respected for being the ones paying their salaries.

Big corporations are taking our rights away daily and we can do nothing about it. Simple example, having online gambling where it is today, for us in the US.

Now I am having to purchase cigarettes locally at a higher price because Phillip Morris controlled where we are allowed to buy from. I had been buying all natural smokes in our own country over the internet, it is now banned. My right to purchase a product of my choosing has been taken away, because money buys leaders, money buys laws.
You can still buy cigars, pipe tobacco, chew whatever through the mail, but not cigarettes, what is the difference, it's all tobacco? But it's because PM wants to monopolize and has the money to make it happen by buying into our governing factors and laws.

This is just one small example as to why some of us have lost all trust or are in the process of losing all trust for those who we appoint to look after our best interests. To be truthful and protect our country. They are paid extremely well for the offices they reside in, yet, bigger money interests have taken the interest in being by the people, for the people and thrown it by the wayside.

Trust, just as with online gaming or anything else can be lost, when actions and end results set the people back one more step, everyday.

edit: Since the 9/11 incident, our freedoms have been under scrutiny more than ever and it is the people, the citizens that are being treated like terroists. To create a certain reaction and end result, you need a catalyst.