Take the bonus or not?


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Mar 15, 2005
The lure of 200% matches and/or $200 bonuses sure is tempting, but....

As a newbie I wonder if it's really worth the 20x play-throughs and restrictions on what counts toward play-throughs. I see an old thread here that suggests we'd be wise to forego them. I find it easier to live with a modest sign-on bonus of $25 or so that cannot be redeemed, ever, but which as no play-throughs!

I know that Golden Palyers Club has this kind of bonus, but wonder if there are others.

If you love the bonuses, please see my next post cause I want to know the best strategy on wagering them.
A 200% 20x WR bonus is ALWAYS worth taking, unless it is a 'sticky' or 'phantom' bonus, or you are talking about a 'Rip-off The Gamblers' (RTG) casino. :D

If it's a reputable casino, with fair software I would definitely go for it - even if it was slots only.

A $25 deposit is a bit of a non-starter though. Due to the minimum bets & high variance, the more you start off with, the better your chances of making a profit.

Good luck! :thumbsup:
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learn the hard way :)

i sometimes take no bonus :) as i just want to play some..
and off course my superstition that they won't let you win if you claim a bonus.. :eek2:
usually wont work off course

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