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Sep 18, 2006
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So, I went and made a nice big contribution to the Outdated URL (Invalid)today because I want to see that asshat Jon Kyl be the first casualty of this bill (this was his bill, not Frist's). I don't know hardly anything about Jim Pederson, so I don't have an opinion of him except that he is Kyl's opponent.

I got a call back from Jake at the Pederson office and he asked what my motivation was. I explained about the gambling bill and we talked about how to bring this up in a campaign. We both agreed it is tricky to come out pro-gambling, but he assured me that Pederson doesn't give a shit what people do with their own money in their leisure time. There may be the possibility for Pederson to frame this as a Freedom of Choice issue in the very Libertarian state of Arizona. They are going to talk about it internally. If we can get more people on board to show support, they may push it to the front.

He is only behind Kyl by 6 points right now. They could win this thing. If Kyl loses and it's because of poker and casino players or affiliates, that could send a serious message to these idiots that messing with our rights will not be tolerated. Remember, Frist pushed through Jon Kyl's bill. This guy needs to be taken out.

They need some cash to fight this guy. If you can donate $25 or whatever, go for it. Kyl needs to go. He has been a thorn in the side of this industry for too long.

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Wow, I live in Arizona. Yeah I dont like klyle.

Now my old High school history teacher Michelle is running for congress.
He was mayor of Tempe at the time I had him as a teacher. I did not like his views then, and he did not like mine, and I got a barley passing grade, although I did a LOT of hard work in that class, I just didnt AGREE with him. Heres one vote he wont get! LOL


No doubt!

I dont know though. They were never happy here to have Arizona take a piece of the pie. I remember when Arizona tried to take their slot machiens away for not paying thier tax, and a baracade and protest was set up.

Just a thought...

At last, I can finally make my very first post...I have been reading a lot of everyone's posts and have kept silent until now....I have been visiting this
website for years and found it to be the most informative...Thank you, members for all the insight that you have taken the time to provide...

Its a shame that this thread died off. When I first read it, I thought a lot of players would get behind the campaign for Pederson just to show how much online players have been aggravated by one politician's (Kyl's) crusade. Would'nt it have made a statement to those-self serving representatives if they were to see Kyl fall in his upcoming election bid if it were known that 1 dollar from each of those 25 million poker players was donated to the Pedersen campaign ?...

P.S. I am not pro-Pedersen either
I finally got around to making a generous contribution to the Pederson campaign. I also let him know what motivated my contribution and how he would do well to appeal to the many other Americans upset over this issue in the closing weeks of his campaign.

Hopefully we get this thread reinvigorated...
I finally got around to making a generous contribution to the Pederson campaign. I also let him know what motivated my contribution and how he would do well to appeal to the many other Americans upset over this issue in the closing weeks of his campaign.

Hopefully we get this thread reinvigorated...

Kudos, sdaddy! :thumbsup:

The satisfaction of seeing Kyl unseated would be huge after all these years of his political manouevring.
Yay !

Its good to hear some reaction back here....As soon as I can get my money back from my frozen account from 32red, I'm sending it off to the Pederson campaign...If Kyl goes down in flames, at least I'll feel vindicated that he'll know that my dwindeling right to pursue my freedom has extinguished his right to pursue political aspirations.....I have to go lay down now. I'm still reeling from the Neteller stand (or lack of it).
Looks like Pederson's hanging tough, partly because he can draw on his own fortune to counteract all the special interest money that Kyl raises.

Pederson fattens race coffers

By Paul Giblin, East Valley Tribune | October 24, 2006

On Friday, the millionaire shopping center developer dropped another $1.3 million of his personal fortune into his campaign, according to federal elections records.

Pedersons latest financial infusion pushed his total tally since the start of the campaign nearly a year ago to $10.3 million.

The surge shows Pederson is confident of winning heading into the final two weeks of the race, said Mike ONeil, president of ONeil Associates, a Tempe-based market research firm.

Hes a businessman. ONeil said. I dont think a businessman puts (millions) into a lost cause.

Pederson listed his financial holdings on federal election disclosure forms at between $28 million and $139 million.

The latest contribution came to $1,328,729, a specific figure that almost certainly covers the cost of a sizable purchase of time for television commercials. Pedersons campaign aides declined to specify how the money is being spent.

ONeil noted that independent surveys generally have shown that Pederson is closing the margin against two term Republican incumbent Jon Kyl.

Theres clearly a Democratic avalanche nationally in the making. I think there is so much anger about Iraq and everything, (Pederson) believes this may overcome what appears to be a moderate gap, he said.

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If you can dig up some dirt on Kyl please let me know. We would like to do a video about him but can't find any dirt.

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Re: Digging up dirt on Kyl - Auditor's Post

If you go to the Wayne Madsen Report at:
Old / Expired Link

I found this:
Jon Kyl: Recipient of contributions from Abramoff-connected Indian casino interests

About this website:
Wayne Madsen is an investigative journalist, nationally distributed columnist, and author who has covered Washington, DC, politics, national security, and intelligence issues since 1994. He has written for The Village Voice, The Progressive, CAQ, Counterpunch, and the Intelligence Newsletter (based in Paris). Madsen is the author of Genocide and Covert Operations in Africa 1993-1999, co-author of America's Nightmare: The Presidency of George Bush II, and the forthcoming Jaded Tasks: Big Oil, Black Ops & Brass Plates. Madsen is also the author of The Handbook of Personal Data Protection (London: Macmillan, 1992), an acclaimed reference book on international data protection law.

I was driving the kids home from a halloween party tonight and saw the kyle signs all over the place, I wanted to draw profane things on them,lol

Oddly I did not see one Peterson Sign.

Maybe send the Pederson election office an email or give 'em a call? Their street coverage guy may have missed an important area.
Gambling community mocked by Kyl PR guy

This is the first public response I've seen by the Kyl campaign to the online gambling community's efforts to campaign against his re-election. Why am I not surprised that it was arrogant dismissal of the voters concerned about this issue?
At the same time, I'm encouraged to see that the Pederson camp is now picking up on this issue.
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October 30, 2006

Pederson camp: Jon Kyl spent more time on internet gambling than dealing with Iraq

Gambling community mocked by Kyl PR guy

The Arizona Daily Star reported on the online gambling communities efforts to educate Arizona state voters about Senator Jon Kyl (R) and his attempts at making internet poker and other forms of online gambling illegal.

Democratic Senate candidate Jim Pederson has secured the crucial endorsement of online gamblers, the paper reports.

Well, sort of.

"The industry has mounted an attack on U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl, who co-sponsored a bill that bans the use of credit cards, PayPal and bank accounts for Internet gambling.

"The gaming Web site Gambling 911.com, even went so far as to threaten a media attack against the Republican senator."

Kyl PR man Andy Chasin dismissed the industry's flexing.

"They have the same right to vote, but if you look at the demographics " he said, drifting into a long pause before changing the subject.

The pause implied that perhaps gamblers aren't the most diligent voters.

Mark Bergman, Pederson's top campaign spinmeister, had an interesting twist on the issue, somehow tying it to Kyl's support of the war in Iraq.

"He spent his time working on online gambling instead of the war in Iraq," he said.

Poker Players Against Jon Kyl has already witnessed over 50 donors to date without pressing gamblers to contribute towards the Jim Pederson campaign. If they can send more money than any other donor group thus far, we hate to see what they are capable of at the voting booths.
Re: Pederson Camp....


Hopefully disgruntled online poker players in Arizona DO show their outrage by showing up at the polls...

Kyl HAS no choice but to play this down. He would LOSE FACE if he were to back down from the 10 year commitment that he made to bring down online gaming. I guess his camp's strategy will be to stand by his Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act decision or flame out trying....

Mark Bergman's approach of "time spent on intenet gambling than on the Iraq War" is'nt the same message as taking the approach to appeal by the right to pursue individual freedoms, but they probably have to appeal to mainstream views of their state's body of voters (even if playing poker online as a past time isnt one of them - but it should, darn it !!).... A win is a win if they can get it...
Looking more and more promising...

Democrats See New Hope In Arizona US Senate Race

By John Godfrey, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES, 11/2/06

WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Promising early results in Arizona have prompted Democrats to invest an extra $1 million in the U.S. Senate race in a state previously thought safe for Republicans, Sen. Charles Schumer, D-N.Y., announced Thursday.

Incumbent Republican Sen. Jon Kyl has consistently held a 9-percentage-point lead over Democratic challenger Jim Pederson.

But in none of the previous polls has Kyl broken 50%, and Schumer, who is head of the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, said results from 600 randomly selected early ballots show Pederson with 44% to Kyl's 40%.

Statistically, the gap between the two is within the margin of error for such a small sample. But Schumer said his staff has seen similar results in other states allowing early voting.

As a result, the DSCC has decided to spend an extra $1 million in Arizona, including the purchase of time to run an advertisement saying Kyl has been a loyal ally to President George W. Bush.

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