Take it to VISA? Advice, please.



I'm in a dispute with an online casino. They say they deposited money back into my VISA account, my bank says they didn't. I have no reason to believe that they actually didn't, I think it is quite likely an accounting or transmission error of some sort, as they have given me no trouble in the past. At what point do I involve VISA with a disputed charge? I would rather not do that, as it can get me on a black list of bad casino customers, but what if it is an accounting error on the part of VISA?
I had (have?) an identical problem (with Orion Ecash ECX and Telebank). ECX has a receipt from their bank saying the credit went through, Telebank says its not in their records. It is only $30, so I am prepared to write it off.

This seems like something that is probably some sort of accounting error, and I would think that if the banks involved would trouble themselves to actually talk to each other they could sort it out in 5 minutes-- but everybody says its someone else's problem.

After lots of complaining all around, ECX offered to write me a check; I hope to see it this week.

If the disputed amount involved serious money, I doubt they would have made the same offer.

ECX was able to give me a fax copy of their receipt from their bank showing some kind of tracking numbers for the credit transaction. If your bank is more helpful they might be able to do something with the information. (Mine just sat on it for several weeks before managers eventually decided they wouldn't do anything.)
please don't ever think visa is an innocent party if you should see alot of unauthorized charges on your statements and when you report a problem
if they don't seem to be too concerned they are
not it is up to you to insist they take immediate action when you notice activity which you have not authorized. Take it from me don't trust they are going to be looking out for you especially when they get a piece of each transaction if you have page after page of transactions for 25 25 25
50 and so on they are making out like fat rats.
regardless I just know that when gambling first
took off big in about 1998-1999 there was a lot of foul play taking place some came from casinos who were crooked (but honestly they were trying to get the casinos off the ground and accepted I cant see why they would jeopardize their reputations to rip customers off or to use credit cards wrong. then there was the gambling losing and taking advantage of their right to claim the charges were unauthorized which hurt people like me who had a real situation happening to me and due to all the cons out their I became a victim
with no recourse) then there was the credit card companies who were for the first time experiencing a windfall of internet charges stemming from the casinos some people ringing up pages upon pages and yes they were profiting from this all until several people started court
cases claiming they allowed this. Either way it was a perfect setting for everyone with naught in their blood to take advantage and they did.
And that is why neither the people nor the casinos know just who to trust its not good. I suggest not listening to anyone on the net 9 times out of ten your being lured to play where they want you too find out for yourself who treats you good who pays and when they don't don't play there. don't ever start off spending a lot of money do it small see I if you win if you do wait for your winnings if all goes well. Go back
and hope they care about their reputation just as much as you care about their honesty. If you want a casino I found to be trustworthy its called slotland.. at first I admit I had my doubts but the fact is I just had to figure out the machines as they are slots not found anywhere else visit them and when you do tell them BHayes sent you so I can get some bonus cash to play with..... that is not my purpose for directing you to them I sincerely like this casino the customer service is a #1 and lots of bonus money.
I wish everyone out their good luck I think we all could use it in this day and age.

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