T2 achievements question/issue?


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Check my screenshots!

I might have misunderstood this but I thought that when I hit 5oak(the ships) this will show in the achievement table.

Or as the last one is a wild at least 4oak?

Or does the wild destroy it all?

I know that the achievements just are a fun thing and it doesn't affect my RTP but I stil lwant to know. :)

I have btw restarted the casino and played some more but the tavle still doesn't show my 5oak viking ships.


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It is kinda unusual how these achievements are recorded but it work like this:

You get achievement recorded if and only if you got it without wilds in it.

5oak are with wild so "only if" killed it.

4oak - you actually didn't get 4oak (as you got 5 - you got paid for 5oak only) so this time "if" killed it.

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No Wilds allowed.

I have got them all part from the wilds. The chance of getting 4 or 5 Wilds anytime soon is non existent. You get the rest pretty quickly. As far as I cn tell there is no bonus for getting all achievements.


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And you are right nerv, I only was paid for 5oak and that was with a wild.

Problem solved. :)

Back to work/play..:D

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