Question Synot slots based in Europe weird question


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Sep 20, 2016
The game in question is called
Extreme joker deluxe

So with a friend we went in a local casino tried a few games than we hit this one so we raised the bet hit few times and we got the free spins bonus on the second spin(2 out of 10) software crashed(system restart) , so we called the attendant and she put her card in printed our slip and checked it again on the same machine lucky for us game restarted(free spin 2 of 10) and it crashed again while lining up two full rows with jokers(same stuff we got before it crashed) the attendant again printed the slip checked it on the same machine and same thing happened game(system) crashed again.
So we tried to reset our free spins win see where it takes us 5 times and gave up .
Asked for explanation got the middle finger took our money and left.
So the question is what legal means can or we could have used back than to get a strait answer or find out where our spins had gone.
I forgot to use my phone to record the problem i was a bit in a mood ;)