Swiss Casino VERY SLOW TO PAY!


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Mar 29, 2002
From the Swiss Casino website:

Generally speaking all withdraws are waiting to be processed for 4 business days so that you can cancel withdraw requests while the transaction has not been processed yet, and return the original withdrawn request amount back to your casino account, so you can go ahead and play

Well I've now been waiting over 11 DAYS for my withdrawl to be processed to my neteller account and I'm getting pissed off at them. And we're only dealing with less than $100! No excuse for this type of slow pay service. They are on my personal 'you suck!' list right now.
I just wanted to update everyone on this issue, and apologize to Swiss Casino for not doing so sooner.

One day after I emailed my complaint to them, I received my cashin and a nice little bonus for the aggravation! Their support person 'John' was VERY helpful and professional, one of the best I've encountered.

And, to top it all off, I managed to take the bonus he gave me and multiply it 15X by the time I was done playing thanks to a couple of good 4 line Aces & Faces hands (including one dealt 4 jacks)!

I would have absolutely NO hesitation playing there again and would recommend them to others. I consider Swiss Casino to be one of the good guys. :yes:
You can play there again but be catious as some casinos whom are affiliated with Swiss, being Casino Las Vegas and Casino King are currently involved in some disputes regarding their "bonus abuse" policies. These cases are well documneted at WOL if you want more info on the matter.
Thanks Smacker, I play at all 3 of these casinos and hadn't had any problems in the past. Usually I will decline their ongoing bonuses, since I don't want to be bound by the terms. Only if they are offering 50% or more will I entertain accepting the bonus and thus the terms.

They can be kind of steep but recently I noticed at least Casino Las Vegas lowered its wagering requirements on those ongoing bonuses to what I consider a reasonable level (5x).
Quick Question! What the HELL is WOL? and where can I find this place? LOL
A further update, the money I won and cashed out after playing with the inconvenience bonus they gave me came thru to neteller in the 4 day timeframe advertised on the website. Looks like whatever glitch there was before has been corrected.

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