Swishbet refuses to pay commission


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Mar 6, 2020
I've updated the chain of events as well as doing an official warning regarding Swishbet as an operator as they show no regret to not pay me my revenue share and admits to keep all the money for themselves. They seem to have removed their T&C as well in their Wynta Platform.

Quick timeline:
1. I get contacted by vCommission with a proposal to advertise Swishbet on my website
2. Giving clear instructions that I only work on 50% revenue share deals and not time-limited deals, i start to promote Swishbet on my website
3. vCommission and Swishbet part ways due to complications with Swishbet not paying vCommission.
4. I remove Swishbet for advertisement but still got access to my Wynta platform
5. I notice one of my old players I sent to Swishbet during the time I was promoting them depositing big amounts and lost around €13k.
6. Confused by who will pay this amount, I contact vCommission and they agree with Swishbet that Swishbet should pay this amount.
7. I get in contact with Torranin from Swishbet that seems like a great guy and is more than willing to pay me.
8. After showing him my Revenue Commission being ~€6,5k he says that "I won't pay you that amount."
9. He then says that he doesn't have to pay me at all.
10. He then closes my account at Wynta, but since my highroller is still playing he quickly realizes that this is highly unethical and reopens the affiliate account.
11. After trying to reason with Torranin, offering him to compromise the amount of revenue share I could agree upon and even telling him I could start promoting Swishbet again and get on good terms. This is because I clearly understand that he was not experienced enough to understand the terms he agreed upon when starting to work with vCommission. I now realize there is nothing more I can do and he is more interested in me pursuing legal actions.


13. Torranin demeanor changes drastically and threatens me that things will "go bad for me" if I don't remove this information in a post from Affiliateguarddog.
14. He then tells me that he is happy that he doesn't have to pay me for the revenue share he owes me and admits to keeping all the money they owe me.
15. The action has been acknowledged by the Swedish criminal court.

Since Swishbet won't cooperate or compromise in this matter, I have no choice but to advise anyone not to work with them as I'm uncertain about how they will treat any other affiliate when it comes to the handling of affiliate revenues and payments.


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Jan 20, 2004
Hello, Max here, I'm one of the forum moderators.

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