Swindlers Scheme To Steal Money From Your Site


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Mar 2, 2004
I share my own experience:

Swindlers in Payment Processing companies may use the following scheme to set a trap for you:

After sending an Application to World Wide Billing Inc. you receive a letter from Electronic Transfer Inc. 1-800-757-5453 x204 signed by Jason Puckett (jason@electronictransfer.com) with all necessary documents to start integration.
In a few days afters 5-7 e-mails from Jason Pucket (he writes either from World Wide Billing, or from Electronic Transfer Inc., you suddenly receive the following letter: Let me introduce myself, my name is Cassey Parrish, I am the Sales Director for Financial Credit Merchant Services, LLC. My office handles the "high risk" underwriting for World Wide Billing where you had submitted an application for a merchant account. But this letter is sent from the same jason@electronictransfer.com ! Be adviced that they may change the name for Joseph Sorge from Financial Credit Merchant Services. And they always give the same telephone number: 1-866-968-6937

Then they start to process your transactions. Among your transactions there may be some suspicious ones of $800, $1000 or even more. All of them are from Australia and New Zeeland. After all you will find out that theses were transactions from the stolen credit cards and have been made by the processor itself! This is specially done to increase the number of chargebacks! The number of these transactions is appr. 50% from the total transactions number! When you phone to the Processor (FCMS) they say that everything is OK, they are responsible for security operations and transactions and you should not worry!!!

They wait for 3 weeks when there is a good deal on your merchant account and suddenly you receive this:

Last Friday we moved our offices and the phones are being worked on. This is in no way in connection with the bank relationship. We just happened to get word from the bank at the same time we were relocating. There will be another email with our contact information but we are still in Tempe, we jsut moved to a bigger office. You cannot reach the gateway simply because the account in which you were placed with no longer exists. The best that I can tell you at this time is that we can direct your application to one of our new aquiring banks and offer you processing within the next 3 to 4 weeks, possibly even sooner. I apologize for this inconvenience. I know that other companies in the past, in this industry have probably left you a bad taste in your mouth, but be assured that FCMS has not gone anywhere and in order to better assist all of our merchants we need some patience from your side until we can get you running with our new bank if this is what you choose to do. We have every intention of staying in business and hopefully maintaining the relationship we have built with you. Please inform me as to if you are willing to process through another bank and within 3 to 4 weeks.

You begin an e-mail exchange with them hoping for good. But they follow a preliminary made scheme: they have answers to all your objections. In a few days you receive the following answer from FCMS:

Due to circumstances beyond FC Merchant Services control, processing with our new acquiring bank will be delayed longer then expected. As of February 5th, FC Merchant Services has been informed that integration will take longer then anticipated due to our banks platform. This process could take as little as two weeks and possibly as long as six weeks. This information came to FCMS unexpectedly. Had FMCS anticipated this delay all merchants would have been informed earlier.
Funds that currently are on deposit will be released at the earliest availability. At this point in time, our previous bank has not released any funds to FCMS, nor have they granted FCMS access to the account.
We understand the inconvenience this has caused and wish we had an immediate solution for you. While FCMS would like to assist you in the future, we also understand that this unfortunate news may cause you to look for another processor. If you choose to work with another processor, we will be happy to provide you with any documentation we have that may assist you in this process. Please advise us by email if this is the choice your company decides to make. Otherwise, FCMS will assume that you will continue to wait for completion of integration.
As were sure your aware, this news will demand a high level of customer service so all merchants are encouraged to email any further inquiries to cs@fcmerhcantservices.com instead of contacting Cassey, who has been handling your account up until this point. Please be advised and try to understand your calls will not be directed to personel and again, your inquiries must be emailed. Any further updates as to the status of processing will be conveyed to you directly when FCMS has been informed.
FC Merchant Services, LLC

And at last, after your numerous remindings, you receive their last letter to you:

As the attached chargeback records support, over 50% of the transactions charged against
cardholders for goods and services have been reported to the issuing banks as being obtained and
billed under fraudulent means.
Further the Card Associations Rules and Regulations state that a cardholder has up to 180 days in which to dispute a transactions. Accordingly, your final processing date was December 17, 2003 and the earliest date for release of any remaining funds would be June 17, 2004. Until such time as cardholder rights have expired, the funds on deposit are not the property of Casino-well.com.
And finally, while we would not attempt to dissuade you from taking any action you deem
appropriate with regard to notification or legal recourse, we would also like to put you on notice
of the fact that your processing activity has been conveyed to both MasterCard and Visa
As indicated in our letter of February 5, 2004, matters such as merchant terminations and any
communication on the release of funds is being handled by the risk department not Cassey in
the sales department. We would suggest that any further communication you wish to have with
FCMS be directed in writing to our risk department. Or emailing us at
Risk and Security Department
FC Merchant Services, LLC

This a good made fraudelent scheme to deceive new comers! They make a newcomer to sign a Merchant Agreement and later on they quote the items from it which are favourable only for them not for merchants! Thats why now you these swindlers are looking for new clients! Thats why now they post:
Seeking Adult, Travel, Telemarketing, Gaming, Pharmacueticals and MLM companies in need of Merchant Account Services. FCMS provides an offshore solution to those merchants who have been deemed "high risk".
FCMS provides the following...
- Same day approval
- Proprietary and Scalable Gateway
- Weekly pay to merchant and sales agents
- Webdesign
- Assist merchants with all requirements set forth by card associations.
For more information call Cassey Parrish at 480.968.6937 or 1.866.968.6937 Ext. 11 or visit our website at
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But everybody should know: World Wide Billing, Electronic Transfer Inc , Financial Credit Mearchant Services (FCMS) are swindlers and cheaters!

Some newly born lawyers try to mislead this message boards readers saying that there is a FCMs that the FBI is looking into. These lawyers say that the fraudulent company is called "Future Commisions Merchant Services" and not FC Merchant Services. But I repeat: this is a clumsy attempt to mislead newcomers and to put them on the wrong tack.

Let everybody know the names of cheaters and swindlers:

Jason Puckett from World Wide Billing Inc, tel. 1-866-968-6937,
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or Jason Puckett from World Wide Billing Inc.
1-800-757-5453 x204
Cassey Parrish from Financial Credit Merchant Services (FCMS), LLC., tel. 1.866.968.6937 Ext. 11 www.fcmerchantservices.com
Joseph Sorge from Financial Credit Merchant Services(FCMS), LLC tel. 1-866-968-6937
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Electronic Transfer Inc.tel. 1-800-757-5453 x204

This is the same exact thread that Alex posted on another forum. You apparently share verbage skills along with opinion.

Link Removed (Old/Invalid) is the same exact thread, title, even the processing dates that you started on are the same as the other company.

It is a small world.

Is this a different name becuase the webmaster in the other forum just got done warning you about your accusations and changing your names in your posts?
Fcms - Fraud

WARNING about the following company:

Financial Credit Merchant Services
FC Merchant Services

On 05/7/04;
I was told by Joseph Sorge of FCMS (financial credit merchant services)
that if I send $2500 to them ; they would set me up with credit card
processing. He stated he would send the contract after monies were
received. After the monies were sent by my banks WIRE department, I
sent FCMS confirmation of the wire by EMAIL.

FCMS then sent me the contract with rates almost TWICE as much as previously
quoted (4 hours later, on the same day)

When i requested a refund due to the inflated rates (fraud) on the contract, they refused.
I was out $2500.00

I never received the cc processing service for this money. They kept this money.
The reason I sent the $2500 so quickly was because I was told on the phone by FCMS
" send $2500 and we will LOWER the fees , but you have to send it today and you will be setup in two days "

The agent who referred me (as of the date of this posting) still has not received the $500 promised.

Please remember, (as of the date of this posting) NO SERVICE has been provided for this money.
Email and Phone calls to the members of this LLC have gone unanswered.

Here are the members of this company:

Address: 2353 W HEMLOCK CT

Address: 3400 N ARIZONA AVE #12

Address: 2117 S BRISTOL
MESA, AZ 85212

If you have victimized by this company or know someone who has been, here are 3 very
useful links:


Link Removed ( Old/Invalid)

Outdated URL (Invalid)
Why do you keep posting this every month or so?? What on earth does it have to do with casinos???
Another question is why would anyone want to pay someone to set up credit card processing, whatever that means, and paying $2500 in the process, why? Someone with extremely poor credit rating perhaps that he could never get a credit card somewhere?

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