Svedala casino - unfair behaviour.


Newbie member
Jun 19, 2018
I keep thing short.

Simply this is reckless behaviour i wont let get through without notice. I dont even care about the bonus lost..

I depoisted for 20 high valued freespins as I got an offer per e-mail b. Then i
played my depoist to zero and went for the freespins.

I went to bonus section under my account settings to locate the freespins, then about to press what i thought was "Activate freespins" button.. But i was to Quick and I managed to press "cancell freespins"..

I proced to talk to the custom support right away, and they instantly told me they wont help me to revieve the freespins as I cancelled them and im responsible for the problem caused... ... I didnt touch the freespins at all, and they agreed that i had not.

Then he tells that they cant help every customers with this kind of problem..?

Then they tell me i have had alot of bonus in the plast, and I should be happy.... Then he uploads a picture of my account summary Total deposit 50 euro - total bonus 60 euro..

This is so weird behaviour, im stunned.
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