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Jul 13, 2002
Hou, Tx. USA
I have never been a member of Angeliciti or any of it's other affliate clubs. I thought Angeliciti Casino had closed down from what I had read on the forum. Now, I received the below letter: Greetings, Support5, Angeliciti Groups and no person's name or group was signed at the end of the letter. Wasn't this casino going out of business?}

Did you know that your most favored and trusted online casino is now
publicly traded? AngelCiti Entertaiment is now trading under the ticker
symbol "AGLC" and you can follow their ongoing success by calling your
broker or following them online at any one of the numerous financial
sites on the net. The AngelCiti name you have grown to know and trust is
now that much more secure as it complies with the rigid standards of the

AGLC is also continuing to provide you with the most exciting online
entertainment. With over 50 games ranging from Blackjack, Poker and
Bingo, to Slots, Video Poker and many more! As a special ongoing player
reward AGLC is now also offering the "Dedicated Player Reward" of a 20%
bonus on your next deposit. Use coupon code QRWB7, wager your deposit 10
times and AGLC will add another 20% onto your deposit.

AGLC appreciates your dedication and ongoing support and wants to reward
you for enjoying some of today's most exciting online entertainment and
provide you with the opportunity to enjoy in the company's ongoing

The 20% bonus is subject to the usual restrictions as listed on the
websites of the casinos powered by the AGLC software. This is not an
offer to buy or sell shares in AGLC. Investing in stocks is risky and you
should consult a qualified financial advisor or broker before making any
investment decisions.

The purpose of this e-mail is to make investors aware of AGLC and should
not in any way come across as a recommendation to buy or sell in these
securities. You should do your own thorough research before making any
investment decisions. This e-mail is sent by Ensign Research, Inc.
which has been compensated in the amount of $5,000 by the company.

Thank you.
Sounds like this Ensign Research is trying to pull a pump & dump scheme with this stock. I'd send a copy of that email to the SEC enforcement division at and have them take a look. That's what I do with any stock related spam I receive.

I did forward the letter to the email address you provided. What I don't understand is, if they were going out of business and not paying players, how can they just jump to the stock market? Angelciti must still be in business since they are offering bonuses on deposits. Man, I hope the players won't fall for this and start depositing money back into this scheme casino group that they got going on. I hope the SEC. does look off into this and flush out all the crappy people in the Angelitic group of casinos that screwed people out of their money and didn't get paid. :axeman2:

Get your facts straight. Angelciti has NEVER stiffed a player. In fact I've been playing there for the past several months, and I and everyone else I know is happy with thier customer support and fast payouts. Several friends have won big there and are usually paid in 24 hours.

As for the SUPPORT 5 mailing it seems they are sending this to all of thier existing players.
I got it too. It did trouble me a bit when I read it, as it was certainly NOT sent by Ensign Inc. It was sent by casino support. Also, in so many words it is recommending its stock to players of its own casino.

By sending a message to SEC Enforcement, you might get them into a lot of hot water. I don't think you should have done it. (Simply because they are too good of a casino and I don't wanna see them dissappear. How many other casinos over Loose Deuce video poker [Realtime Gaming] with a payback of 100.96% + .01% comps. WOW.)

Than again Angelciti should have thought twice before sending such an email. Ultimately, if it catches up with them, they can blame noone else but themselves.
Dave, they'll only get in hot water if they are violating the SEC rules regarding stock trading. And if they are violating the rules, then THEY SHOULD get in hot water. Babysister did the right thing. There are rules against spamming and/or trying to promote stocks while disguising your affiliation with the company being promoted.

If they are going out of business, as I believe was reported here, then this could be someone trying to pump up the value of the stock so they can sell it short and make a bundle when it crashes. That would be nothing short of insider trading and probably fraud.

If there's nothing wrong with what they did, then the SEC will delete her email and no one will be in any hot water.
I agree with jpm.

Babysister did the right thing here. If they are clean there will not be a problem. If they are pumping this sort of stuff out through mistake or inefficiency they will get rapped over the knuckles.

Angelciti has been trying to get listed for many months, yet has on a number of occasions created the impression that it already was. I am pleased that they have achieved their ambitions but remember that other public companies have gone to the wall (Tropika is but one) and "pumping" stock at these low levels is common.

Mary did a huge amount of competent research and published FACTS from which readers could draw their own conclusions both here and at WOL.

Angelciti has a good operational record as far as I am concerned, and complaints against them are rarely seen. But that does not mean that players can afford to ignore facts about their financial situation as reported to the SEC as a matter of record. We all know how quickly casinos can go under, and it is important to stay alert for signs of financial weakness, or "pumping" or anything else that does not appear to be above board.

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