Supernova casino Payment issues etc.


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Sep 5, 2019
Not sure if this is the correct place to put this.

The casino is question is "Supernova" and I got a free £50 for spins and managed to collect just over a £100 via £2500 wagering. They wanted me to verify myself via a call and put £25 in and wager that. Now they want passport documents etc and they have now come back saying I am missing "A screenshot from your online banking page where the data for international transfers is listed shown. ". Santander said a screenshot of the IBAN and BIC code will do and international transfer history is not needed. I have send the documents across with a screenshot of the chat I have with Santander and apparently, according to Supernova, it will take another 4 days for their financial team to check them, its already been a week. They also looked over my Virgin bill as a proof of address, despite them claiming, a utility bill will do. Supernova chat has also claimed since that the IBAN/BIC code will do.

I also read the terms and conditions, if they was not so slow and wanted me to go through so many hoops, I do think it would be a better casino.

There is another 9 casinos which is owned by the same company, giving the same offer, they are basically the same, but plastered with a different name. If any links is needed to these casinos, I can provide them.

Hopefully someone on here will be able to give me some advice.

Thanks, Thomas.