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Jun 16, 2005
I took a stab at Superman (in play for fun mode).
After busting out of a 5,000 bankroll several times, I nailed a few features and big wins, running my bankroll up to over 100,000. The basics are similar to the previous DC Comics games from their last release (Batman and Wonder Woman). 50 lines, optional bonus bet for 10 extra credits, and two features. The bonus bet activates a chance to play an interactive feature which is visually very cool, but (like all pick-em type features) is just a dressed-up way of giving the illusion of self-determination. Superman destroys asteroids, then missiles, then picks one of three vaults to get prizes. If you include the payout for the triggering symbols on the reels, it looks like there's some big prizes that can be had, although I would imagine that sometimes you'll play out the feature and get a puny prize and sometimes you'll hit the big one. Time will tell what the frequency of each is :D The free game feature has similarities to, but is different from both the Batman and the Wonder Woman features. In Superman, one reel is made wild at random for each of the 10 free games. Additionally, a multiplier (2-5x) is assigned to that reel (different for each spin). If you get the expanded wild on the first or second reel, you can hit a ton of payouts on a 50-line game; if it shows up on the fourth or fifth reel, you can easily get zero on that spin (so when the variance comments start appearing, that's going to be the reason):D

Here are some images (again, not for real money or I'd already be out celebrating in a decidedly decadent manner). I'll be depositing and trying it for real at much lower stakes this evening.