Superlenny Payment Issues


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Jun 13, 2006
Azzurri, I got bored a few lines into your endless self pitying lecture, and can't be bothered reading any more. It just more of the same that I pointed out the first time. Bye now.


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Feb 8, 2014
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Nice pointless derail warrior.

The irony is that in your blind selfishness, your derailing of this thread is actually more disrespectful to the op than you could ever claim me to be.

Didn't think that one through to well did you professor? :rolleyes:


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Sep 12, 2004
Please people, let's stay on topic. All pissing contests should be taken to a thread of their own, or even better, called a tie and forgotten.

Nifty, glad things worked out. Thanks to the rep for the quick resolution. I hope however that for punters who don't use the forum and have no access to casino reps, the casino T&C are - in future - wielded with a touch of logic and common sense.


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Oct 14, 2004
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That is exactly the reason I stopped playing anywhere on line but 3dice. Do you remember the Ewallet Xpress debacle...I had just won a PJP over 17 grand at Clubworld. But because I used Ewallet Xpress I could only withdraw through them. I lost almost 10 grand, because when they went down, they took all my winnings with them.

I can see if you were making your first withdrawal with them, Nifty, but it obviously wasn't the case. I can see them doing a spot check and asking for your ID and stuff, it happens. But to treat a loyal player like that just doesn't make any sense to me.

Anyway, I am glad to see you have everything straightened out, and glad to see your back!!

Congrats on your winnings!!

All the best,

You got shafted, because although players didn't know what was going on, it seems that casinos DID know that EWX was "going down", but were somehow sworn to secrecy. The casinos were about to lose all the money that was still in EWX from players' deposits, so by insisting that your 17K went back into what was a sinking ship, they screwed you over to cover their own asses. Had you just sat on your 17K until everything was outed in public, the casino could no longer have done this, and would be forced to use a method that was still open for business to pay out that 17K.

We had a rep, well respected, who dropped an obvious hint along with the "I have been gagged from saying more in public", that this was way more than the "technical issues" that EWX were telling players for a couple of months. Given that this was a US facing processor, this should have been a massive warning klaxon to any player who still had their EWX bound funds casino-side to just sit tight and wait it out rather than try to withdraw.

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