superior poker dont give what they say they will


Dormant account
when i first went to play at superior poker they had a new depositors bonus so i went to deposit some money and i clicked on the bonus button and it said there were no bonuses waiting for me. I went to live help and asked what this was about new depositors bonus and she said that i had to first take the nettellers deposit bonus before i could take that one lol. that dont make sense cuz then i wouldnt be a new depositer ... right? i talked to her supervisor and she said the same thing but the netteller bonus wasnt good anymore so now i get no bonus. I played there anyhow cuz i like the game guts but it sure would be nice if i could get some kind of bonus out of em.... and i still see there is a netteller bonus advertised there but they will still tell ya that its not good anymore lmao... i will play a little there but i tell ya... if i run into lots of money they wont even be on the list for my deposits... i may just go throw it in thier faces lol.... thx for listening to my bitch.. wildcherrys