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Oct 17, 2001
[color=000000]Stay far away from Superbook (URL
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) Who would believe that a member of the highly esteemed Victor Chandler group would refuse to pay their customers? Well, Superbook does exactly that!
As I cashed in my balance at their casino (they run a sportsbook as well, but I have not tried that) I was all of a sudden requested to send all kinds of documents in order to get my deposit back as well as my winnings. I realise that a casino has a right to such demands, but I find it most fair to notify people in advance, as all decent casinos do. Anyway, I scanned and emailed them the documents they requested - still without getting my money or hearing a word from the casino.
Not until I emailed them to ask what was going on, did I get a reply. They claimed that they had not received the documents! I sent the documents again - without any reaction from the casino, and without being paid!
I sent the documents a third time - still no reply - and still[/color]} no money.
Now I have filed a complaint to the OPA, hoping that those good people can get me my money. In the meantime I can only suggest everybody else stays away from this company. They are not going to pay you!
:happyf: maybe, you were just unlucky, i played at superbook, and did'nt have to scan and email them anything. but i did have to tell them how i wanted my money, but they never asked that question, so i waited a long time for my money. but when i told them, that i wanted my money on a check with regular mail, a lady phoned me, to verify, that i had used my visa online, and within 5 days i got my money with fed-ex. so for me, it is always good service from victor chandler}
You are quite right, I was unlucky - and I still am, as I have still not received my money, nor any reply to my emails. Furthermore, the casinos live chat is also ignoring me, so my only hope is really the OPA.
I told the casino in the first place, how I wanted my money, so that is not the reason for their lack of willingness to pay up in this case.
This is a very old thread, and I don't even think Superbook is part of VC anymore but the sportingbet-group.
Anyway... I just wanted to let you know that superbook still doesn't pay everyone. I had a few bucks in their casino.. not much, but still some... I logged in to try to withdraw it and it said my account was closed. I contacted support and asked what was going on... I just got the reply that the account had been closed and I was not going to get my cash refunded. When I asked for a reason they just replied that it was final and wouldn't give ma any reason what so ever.

I am glad it was not much money and I can take it, but I think it's crap that they can just close an account and take the money in it without even telling the player? I think the reason is that I have an account with another casino in the same group, but still you usually get a chance to explain yourself and usually get the deposit refunded?

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