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Dormant account
Feb 23, 2003
This casino,, has apparently stolen $240 right out of my account. I deposited $200 on 2/17 to play in their blackjack tournament. I won $40 and logged out. Two days later, I logged back in and the credits were gone, $0! I used the web page support form on 2/19 and again on 2/20, and sent an email to this morning 2/22, and have received no response. My $40 win should have placed in the tournament too, but the leader board did not list my user name. I will update this topic if they ever reply or pay me. In the meantime, I advise you all to stay away from this casino.

Bryan V
I got a reply from today saying the following:
"We can confirm that an error occurred when transferring your balance from the Super Vegas account to the Sportingbet account. We have therefore credited your Sportingbet account with these funds ($240 US). Please log into your account at
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where your balance is currently $240 US."

Both the web page and the Boss Media software showed the correct balance, but when I went to the cashier and cashed out, the "claim winnings" form still showed a balance of 0. I went ahead and filled in $240 and continued with the cash-out with no error message. I'll let you all know if I get my money.

Bryan V
I just received a Neteller payment for the full amount, $240. Looks like this casino is legit after all. Poor support if something goes wrong, but fast payment at least, (2 days).

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