New Slot Announcement Super Lady Luck - iSoftbet


Could have been a preview version, curremon? I've only had a brief play of it and it seems ok. Visually, it is beautiful mind.


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Super Lady Luck iSoftbet

243 way slot with lots of extra features and 2 progressive jackpots.

You can test the game out right now on the
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It is the exact same slot which Leo Vegas has. Actually this is an exclusive slot only for them. And they have had it at least for 1 year. Slot at LeoVegas is called Lady Bug (Miraculous Adventures).

Must say I am surprised about this. Seems iSoftbet has changed title of slot and now releasing it again across other casinos then maybe. I would not think this is okay if LeoVegas have an exclusive on this. Surely not enough just rename the slot.

This is link to slot at LeoVegas
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It is same slot also has 2 jackpots. :what: :confused:

I have played this slot few times and remember it was at LeoVegas at least last year already. But maybe LeoVegas agreed to let it be relaunched with different name. I just find it bit strange.
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On Leo Vegas did every get the change in terms and conditions email today? I noticed 4K maximum withdrawal per month or possibly higher from a deal with management, sheeesh blah blah blah I'm sitting on a cash cow blah blah blah oh moo :rolleyes: