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Jul 19, 2002
Well as a sister to the once promoted by the Meister CrownVegas, I figured sunsetpalace would be a safe bet. I made quite a few deposits, but only recently have actually been able to cashout. I've sent in my faxback forms, and now it's been nothing but "you'll get paid tomorrow" "you'll get paid in 2 hours" "we made a mistake, you have to cash out again" "can you send in another document" etc etc etc. This has been going on all week!

Ya know, I was just about to ask if anyone has had any experience with this new casino. I was thinking of taking them up on their offer, but now I"m thinking twice about it. Tell me this if you don't mind, are we talking about big bucks (4 figures) or smaller?
we're talking small 3 figures. :) and it's not just me, a friend of mine i referred there is also getting the run around (he also has a cashout pending for a few hundred dollars and has been given the run around). they've promised that on Sunday the manager would come in and fix things up, but i'll see it when I believe it. i'll keep you posted if I get paid on Sunday and what happens to my buddy as well.
Thanks for the update. That's ridiculous for such a small withdrawl. I think I'll be deleting that one from my hard drive until they can clean up their act.
I think Cryptologic casinos that uses E-Cash direct have the fastest payouts nowadays. There are no hassles or anything, you get what you earn. More casinos should be like these.
Have been hounding these clowns for three weeks now on a lousy 300. win.

Sent in FBF, they said CC scan not clear. Sent it in response.

No response to consecutive emails sent 4 days in a row now.

Time for RTG complaint, as if that really helps.
Also got paid!--I think this helped, sending a letter to the manager of Crown Vegas after they had just given me a 20. gift:
Mr. Bennett,

I sure appreciate this personal attention. Can I possibly impose on you for a lttle more?

I understand that the new casino Sunset Palace is also now in the fold, and I was hoping you might intervene for me regarding my cashout from May 9, 2003.

On May 9 I deposited 30 and got a 20. bonus. I wagered this over 20X at Video Poker and managed to cash out 330. The good luck was a thrill.

Was asked for Faxback forms and sent them all on May 16. Someone in the accounting dept asked for another one of the credit card, so I sent it again.

No one has responded to any of my email inquiries since (for a good ten days now.)

Can you get me paid so that I can continue playing at both sites?

My user name at Sunset Palace is XXXXX

Thanks for your help.
his answer:
Hello there >,redsage<,,

I am sorry that you are experiencing delays with your cashout,

I will forward this to My Accounts Department and find out what the delay is.

I will appreciate that you bare with me, as I will need to look into this query.

If there is anything else I can assist with, please feel free and contact me.

Thanks and Regards

Steve Bennett

Casino Manager
Crown Vegas Online Casino
Get the Royal Treatment!
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