Sunny Scoops by Thunderkick


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Jul 29, 2014
I realise this game is a few months old but only got into playing it recently. I am usually a bit wary of slots from smaller providers but gave it a try due to Thunderkick being active on here. Have to say its very very good. Loving the bonus round and the design is unique. Big thumbs up. If you haven't already tried it then give it a whirl.
I've played a few Thunderkick slots and I have to say I have been quite impressed with what they are doing. I will be looking to give this one a try.
Does anyone know why this game was removed, it was a pretty good game with great potential for wins. Their Sunset Delight game is on the other hand dreadful..
Persumably there is only so many ice creams games you can play before they make you sick, don't be greedy just have the one.

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