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Oct 31, 2005
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i posted this some days ago already in a wrong thread. Think, the Meister is on the road still, so i open a new thread, for i think this important.

Its about the sunny group and their social engagement. This is definetely enough -- not to rogue them /that s the Meisters decision) , but to do something quite different...: yes: open an account there!! or????-
and finally i ve looked up

Here is the description of the site:

Whois Record for
Page Information
Website Title: 400 Bad Request
Record Type: Domain Name
Meta Description: Casino Fortune online casino real casino fun and gambling online excitement. Enjoy top online gambling casino games like Casino Blackjack, Slot Machines, and Casino Roulette. Other casino gambling games include Casino Craps, Video Poker, and Casino
Meta Keywords: online casino, online gambling, casino games, casino gambling, online casino gambling, online casino, secure online casino, play casino blackjack, play casino poker, play casino slot, play casino roulette, casino bonus, casino fortune, sunny slots

please pay careful attention of the smart Metakeywords, which are everything you would associate with aids - and especially with aids children.

How can such a xxxxxx exist??

Who can help to stop that ?
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second one...

aidschildren ??? Bryan, get them!


gamblinggod mentioned their "involvement in charities" namely

Well. Yes. I simply did a little who is recherche and see below what i found. Couldnt believe my eyes....

Firstly the contact numbers of sunnygrp. casinos (port of Spain...)

Feel free to contact us at
Toll Free

Phone Collect or Direct:

And then the who is for Fasten your seatbelts....

Registrant Name:Horatio Sutton
Registrant Organization:Lorago LTD.
Registrant Street1:46A Independence Square
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:port of Spain
Registrant State/Province:TT
Registrant Postal Code:00000
Registrant Country:TT
Registrant Phone:+1.8686234048

What a miracle- they share one telephonenumber in Port of spain.
Needless to say: The website doesnt exist.

Thats more than absurd, thats dangerous.

my english is not the best. I try to say it simple: I definetely expect them to be off.
nothing else.
just off.
just a question

I m not sure:
Is this not interesting for anyone?
Is it stupid?
Is it good and ok that sunny group - obviously a very special organization, which is still not rogued - makes marketing with aidschildren?

Only one last question , before i leave: why are they still not rogued????

for me its much more than strange.

Fine to kill jackpot factory for their marketing, but just ignoring those aidschidren guys ?- upps. How and why?

bye bye
Actually the Sunny Group does a lot of work with charities:
Outdated URL (Invalid)

I'm guessing that this page (which is offline at the moment) is a template from their casino pages since they are probably using the same designers. (their webdesign hasn't been known to be the most diligent in the industry.) I wouldn't pay this much notice unless the site goes live with roulette wheels spinning :D

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