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Mar 15, 2003
Playtech Casinos under Sunny Group (Casino Fortune, Miami Casino and Maupa Casino) are not fair. Though I have not had a problem with their payouts. I have had problems with going on long losing streaks after building up to a certain amount. I have lose 5 hands in arow to the dealer getting BJ. One round I played to hands each. I betted $150 per hand and was dealt 20 and 19. Dealer pushs a natural BJ. I rebet and got on the first hand 8-8 second hand 19. Dealer showing a 4. I splitted the 8-8 and got 17 and 11. I doubled down and got 20. Dealer shows 4+6+ACE. This has happen numberous of times at all their casinos to me. Even under different accounts. I called and bitch to them about what happen. They credited my account $100. BIG DEAL! I cashed out and told them to close my account. HAVE anyone else had problems out of there service?
I have not had any problems with Mapau, the only sunny group casino I play at, but I do notice that after betting and reaching a certain limit, say up to $100, all of a sudden, it does not matter which game I play, the balance goes down, down, down until I give up and quit.
I recently won $1000 from miami beach and played it down to $200, all over the course of a week. I STOP now as soon as I have doubled my deposit. They are FAST on withdrawals, so if you can just wait 24 hours you wont spend your winnings.
The Sunnygrp is actually one of the best group of casinos on the internet in my opinion. I've never had a problem with the software since they changed to playtech and actually won $1000.00 at Mapau. My withdraw was processed in record time and the customer service is friendly and excellent. They are known for their honesty and I dont believe they would do anything that is dishonest with the games.

Now before they changed to playtech and they were using microgaming I could not hit anything worth while. I'm having a real hard time with some of these Microgaming casinos. I hardly ever get above my deposit and the bigger the bonus they offer the worse I do as far as wagering. I think you should read the Gamble Guru and his opinion and experience with some of these casinos. I'm not saying they are all like this but I only play at the casinos that I know I can trust and have a good reputation. In fact I have limited myself to playing basically only at the Fortune Lounge Casinos which are an excellent microgaming group. I know they can be trusted and have actually won something worth cashing out at 7Sultans.

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I have had very good experiences with the Sunny Group. They pay relatively quick and no hassles.

I have yet to get a Royal with Playtech, but I get a lot more 3 of a kinds and full houses than at Microgaming.

My understanding is that the games are actually played through Playtech and Microgaming servers.

Sometimes it is just Karma. If you are unlucky at one place, try another.
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I'll agree that playtech bj can be very streaky, however, I'm not convinced that its fixed (unlike my opinion of microgaming bj). And Sunny Group is one of the best casino groups out there. I have won more there than anywhere else and always paid promptly. I've hit more natural royals & 4 deuces there in a year than I have in many years at many microgaming casinos also. I can say though that I usually don't have good luck at Casino Fortune, however I have much better luck at Mapau & Miami Beach, so it could be just bad luck for you at Mapau. Try one of the other 3 and see if you do better.
Sunny group is top notch. I make substatial deposits there with no hassels and no worries. I have also had great results with playtech software, yes it is streaky, but what online BJ isnt?
Did Sunny Group change ownership when they moved to playtech? I noticed they are under a new antiguan license. I dont know what they were doing when they locked accounts last year and were taking ages to pay winnings. The OPA responses I got were strange and I'm wondering if it was something do to with the OPA. I had to go through the OPA for them to respond to any emails. For all I know my accounts are still locked but I haven't checked.

Strangely, I did receive a 'We missed you' email months ago (in November) which I thought was funny because they asked: "This is Lisa from VIP Services, Sunny Casinos. I noticed that you haven't been playing with us for some time now and wanted to know if this is because of something we did wrong?"

Well maybe they should have explained why they locked my accounts and were taking ages to pay and not responding to emails. I wouldn't be suprised if my accounts were still locked when they sent the email (I uninstalled the software so I don't know).

Their old financial/credit controller guy, Kobus, moved to the Trident Group of casinos but not sure why he left. Maybe all the staff changed when they changed software.
I know that J. Wallis is still the main man over there. And they do still have a number of their original staff. I'll have to admit that they've done some odd things in the past, and their ad-copy gets a little emotional at times. Nature of the beast I guess.

The OPA had not much to do with them prior to the big problems that surfaced December. It's unfortunate when casinos respond only when the player refers to a third party. I get that all the time.
Yes, the ecash guy Kobus, has moved to the Tridente group. A long time ago, I had a problem with Mpact (now know as Surefire Commerce), and Kobus was nice enough to use his three way calling to contact each of my credit cards while I was on the phone. He then promised to take immediate action to resolve the problem, and he did. Anyone that would take his time, energy, and effort to go through all of that for me deserves a recognition.

I was very impressed by this, as well as my dealings with Mickey Oster, and therefore I would highly recommend the Trident group. Although thier bonuses are not the best around, thier customer service is light years ahead of everyone else.

The service I got from Mickey and Kobus reminded me of the VIP service I've gotten from actually casino hosts in Atlantic City. You can see they genuinely care about thier loyal customers, and when problems arise, they go the extra mile to resolve them.

As far as Sunny Group, thier service and support went way down the tubes towards the end of last year, but I haven't heard of anyone being blatantly ripped off, either. Perhaps all the problems were a result of them being short staffed. Also, maybe they disliked bonus hunters like Sirius, and wanted to show him the door, and the best way to accomplish this was slow payouts and eventually locking the acct, and not replying to emails.

Lately, things at Sunny have improved significantly. Very few complaints. So apprarently they got thier act together.
I'm currently working through an issue with Sunny Group on a misdirected cashin but other than that I find their customer service in general to be exemplary. I am also in BIG agreement with your opinion of the Trident team. I had a $400 cashout that went through seamlessly and at the speed of light. I really frown on casinos that hold the cashout where I can get to it and play it through again, because you KNOW what happens then. Processing that win through Trident was faster than a grocery store checkout. :yes:
Hi Dave - haven't seen you around so it's nice to see you posting.

I agree with everything you say here, particularly regarding the Trident group that is managed by Micki, supported so ably in the finance department by Kobus.

Two very professional people and that is a big plus for King Neptunes, Trident Lounge and VegasUSA which are all group operations.

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