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Sep 21, 2004
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Even though this is a no deposit offer check this out, you will probably have to copy the links. Pay close attention to the first email promo polcy link and then the second one after crediting the account.

Yeah xxxx

I'm rootin for Ria cause shes wears the Mapau colors and is definitely

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Get $10 Free by choosing the winner of the fight. Its on 28th May 05.

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Click here for Bonus Policy:
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The FIRST 100 PERSONS who send in and predict the winner will receive
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NB If your email address has changed; please include your new
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Iron Mike Tyson


Hello xxxxx

We have credited your casino account with $10.00 credits.
It will be available when next you log on.

Click here (
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) for
our Bonus Policy.

Our Customer Service Department is here 24 hrs a day.
Toll free at: 1-888-349-3571 or collect on 1-868-623-4048

Nalini Darcy
Sunny Group of Casinos
Toll free number: 1-888-349-3571
Collect: 1-868-623-4048
Ah yes "SunnyGroup" (land-based operations and hotel chain), after playing at their casino's (Casino Fortune, Mapau, Goldgate, and Miami Beach) for an extended period of time, all I was getting was Sunstroke...

To think the Casino Fortune playthrough 150 times on the bonus is ridiculous enough on its own, the 250 playthrough at Goldgate is atrocious!

On a side-note, they do offer .10 cent min. on BJ, which is quite good. I'd asked how come other casino's don't offer that kind of minimum, and I was told that they could ONLY because they're a land-based casino. Is that actually true, that you can only offer .10 cent minimum BJ is you're a land-based operation?

It doesn't sound right to me, but I don't know the logistics of it all.
Sunny used to be exemplary when they were still with Microgaming. Then suddenly overnight they switched to Playtech. Does anyone know the outcome of the Sunny/Playtech wrangle that ensued at the time? I must admit I didn't keep up with developments for more than a few weeks.

Soon after Sunny went the Playtech route, they closed many players' accounts without warning, mine included. I played Sunny more often without a bonus than with, and had won more than I'd lost at this group. I got the feeling they were weeding out unprofitable players, leaving the Playtech suckers.
From what I remember I dont think Sunny dropped Micro I believe it was the other way around, Sunny was either having money problems or just not wanting to pay Micro. I cannot confirm this to be 100% true but think its pretty close. I must say that I have always had good service from Mapau and used to get regular bonuses from them so this really is my first bad experience with them, I did get a follow up email regarding the bonus, so good of them to go from 4x to 50x and then to make such and incredible exception all the way down to 16x o boy am I sooo excited to play. :lolup:

For you xxxx, exceptions can be made.

Hi Candy here, how are youJ

Instead of the 50x wagering, how does 16x sound?

If youre interested, do let me know!

Take care and have a safe weekend.

Warmest regards

weird shit

I dont know where all of these casinos get these 50-150x wagering requiremenst. I think that with signup offers like those just drive away customers. Even if a new customer wins she/he doesnt have anything to withdraw after meeting those bizarre requirements.

By the way your correct micro dropped sunny, not the other way around.

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The bonus policy for free money has always been 4x. I cashed out with these WRs on many occasions. I think they just pasted the wrong link which is the one for the first deposit bonus.

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