Sunken Treasure


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Apr 5, 2006
Has anyone actually ever hit the feature on this RTG slot? I have now gone over 8,000 spins since I started playing RTG's without getting it once. Something to me says that's wrong!! :mad: :mad:
i started playing it, after i had read a report by the Meister on hitting the feature for some 1000.
I agree , its very streaky.
I had some very good wins on it too.
Only touch it for two or three spins and try to "smell" it.
If its ripe- come back and take, what´s yours.
:) :)
I have done pretty well on that game . Hit the red jewel for $240 betting 40 cents a couple times . Hope you get it .:thumbsup:
I have hit the feature quite a few times, even got the red jewel and $500 for a $1 bet, but when the boats are gone they are definitley gone.
I have never hit the feature on this slot.
Have hit the feature about the average number of times (1 in every 140-180 spins), but never anything good.
I think around 35x bet was about the max I've had.
It's a fun slot, but other RTG's slots have better paying features.

But 8,000 spins without hitting? Unbelievable! :eek:
i'd wait until 10,000 spins and then up the bet :D

I agree tennis -$100 a spin for the next 8,000 and you should be right.

BTW this slot is nowhere near as good as it was when it was first released. I have played it a lot and there is no way that it pays the same - dont have ny figures to back it up but thats my experience.

Try Goldbeard or something. At least you can hit something decent on the feature occasionally. :)
8,000 spins? 8k spins? 8*100*10 spins?

I admire your persistence trying to reach this unreachable star.
Usually I'm not touching a slot machine if my first 300 spins do not hit the feature... Although I'm all in favour of raising the bet size - this feature WILL be yours shortly! :thumbsup:

Good luck
I played at three RTG casinos last night and I for one won't be back anytime soon. It was like someone turned the features off. I hit one feature the whole time! It felt like a blackhole swooped down on me and sucked my money out of my hands.

Well I guess that is what happens when you gamble. :lolup:
I too played RTG last night,

28 or so games, (all of them) 40 or so hands per game and only 3 free spin features in the whole session. Argggggg! WTF!:confused:

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