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Jun 4, 2002
I would have loved to have taken advantage of Sun Vegas' startup bonuses, but if you're a BlackJack player, your wagers don't qualify towards your cashout requirements. Very disappointing. I consider BlackJack players real gamblers. Wish casinos would treat us as such.
Hi jdtimi,

Sorry that you feel dissapointed that Blackjack wasn't included in the playthrough requirements. The reason why blackjack is not included is due to abuse from players on their sister casino site, and also because their ongoing bonuses are very generous.

Blackjack players are real gamblers, true. So are poker players, video poker players (me), slot players (me too), so on and so forth. Perhaps this is where the casino is focusing itself. Perhaps future loyalty bonuses will include Blackjack. It wouldn't hurt to ask.

This is by no means a slam against the casino itself. It looks nice and I'm sure others will have a pleasant experience. I was just looking forward to getting in after all the 'Mystery' casino hoopla and had my bubble burst.

BTW, I did send my regrets to the casino. They DID answer me in a timely fashion and stated that possibly, BlackJack may be included in the future.
Ha ha!

Last night I was playing a few rounds of Power Poker Dueces Wild at Sun Vegas. I only had $30 left and look what I got dealt!!
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Not bad for a $3 hand!!

Hey Bryan, I gotta ask if you had the b*lls to toss that deuce and try for the natural royal on that one? ;-)

Btw, I ended up with over $200 in profit from my $40 deposit with them after you announced who the mystery casino was. I was playing jokers wild for $1.25/hand and hit a wild royal if anyone was wondering. 2 thumbs up for Sun Vegas!
Ha ha,

I had the balls to do it, but the brain cells said "no". I continued playing for a couple of days off of the same deposit. Got it as high as $325 at on point. Cashed out $150 and went shopping at

LOL, I don't think I could have done it either. That's the the epitome of the gift horse's mouth! WTG

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