Sun Palace Casino Payouts - What to Expect

Zachary Owens

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Dec 4, 2015
Sun Palace underwent management and personel changes from some time June to October. They no longer use Sykpe or certain emails to contact them. The financial support gave me word of my 4 pending withdrawls that the processing system company they are currently using will process mine in the next business day.

Withdrawal 1: Date=12/3/2015 @7:42:20 PM Amt=500.00 USD Method=Direct Depost via ACH - 300% Bonus wager completed+confirmed
Withdrawal 2: Date=12/13/2015 @8:47:05 PM Amt=500.00 USD Method=Direct Depost via ACH - Straight cash deposit
Withdrawal 3: Date=12/18/2015 @11:20:56 PM Amt=100.00 USD Method=Direct Depost via ACH - Straight cash deposit
Withdrawal 4: Date=12/20/2015 @11:35:00 PM Amt=150.00 USD Method=Direct Depost via ACH - 300% Bonus wager completed+confirmed

I will keep everyone updated as to the status of each withdrawal. I have been paid out(3 separate withdrawls of $650/$600/$450(SicBo wins) in the past within 3-5 business days(AFTER being properly identified with all documents required which I am glad to wait on), but that was prior to the staffing change. Let's hope everything goes smoothly. Talk you everyone soon!
Okay so i cancelled the 2 $150 and $100 withdrawals, and have officially received the $500+$500 in one payment of $1,000 after approximately 32 days with a description of TOLLS SERVICE PAYMENT. I also was fortunate enough to win and withdraw another $600 AND I hit a HUGE WIN of $2,221 on a $1 bet on Rain Dance slot. Got a total of 600 free spins all at 5x the win!

Current withdrawals are: $600 - Already sent to processing department
and - 2 more of $1,000 + $1,000 in progress and being sent to processing soon.

Will update on those when they happen. When I hit that Mega win on Rain Dance of $2,221 I had a playthrough. Made it through with enough to do those withdrawals and they were okay'd for processing which is great!
SLOW PROCESSING SUNPALACE CASINO AUG 2016 - Are they having problems again?

I made a withdrawal request for $1,750 from Sun Palace Casino on July 18, 2016. They in turn changed the single $1,750 request and changed it into a request for $1,000 and a request for $750 so they wouldn't have to pay it all at once. I played and won with them before and I know they will do this. I didn't think they would do it for such a small amount however. Oh well, that is not my main concern. My question or "problem" is that the withdrawal request is still listed as "requested" status and it's been 19 days. I've made 3 follow up email requests to their Support Department and their Finance Department with no replies received. I did have a win there for over $2,000 a few months ago but the payout time did not even come close to the length of a wait they are now giving me. (FYI - I'm a US player and request check by courier as method of payout as that is their fastest way to pay right now). Has anyone else had any recent payout experiences with this casino? Also, I couldn't find a Representative listed for them on here that I could try and contact for assistance as I usually would try that approach first. Thanks for listening and I would appreciate any feedback you might have. (FYI - I already know I should only play the accredited casinos listed on this website, but I have had success with this group in past and the bonus offer was pretty good so I wasn't too worried at the time.) Thanks again!

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