Sun Palace Casino - Just locked me out!!!


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Jun 1, 2002

Last week I was a little short on funds, so I had a big $18 in my Neteller account. As I had not deposited at Sun Palace Casino before, I drop the $18 here.

I spoke with live chat & asked if I drop the $18 ( because I did not drop $20 to be able to claim the 100% signup ) would I still be eligable for it. The person I spoke with was Kevin, he said Yes.

Today I spoke with live support to obtain their WU details, I ased Claire if I was eligable for the 100%, she checked and said yes. I then did the WU and sent in my MTCN.

$149.99 was credited to my account.

I played this through, I guess all up maybe $600 or so. I then went to live support & requested the 100%.

I was told; mind you by Kevin, that my request had to be sent to customer support. I said that is not what you told me last week & it was not what i was told today by Claire.

He asked me to hold on.

When he returned, he basically said my account had been locked, as I was a bonus abuser & that the 100% bonus would not be paid. He also went on to say that any further bonuses I was not eligable to, and again stated that my account was locked. From memory there was also something about my game play, being suss in their view, and this is another reason Kevin used for locking my account.

I played slots and Video Poker, on the slots I did get a couple of good wins, $170, VP however I did my balls on.

Yeah that's a sure indication I'm a bonus abuser!

To be honest I really pissed about this, as far as I'm concerned they lied to me. And when I challenged Kevin over what he said, he just locked my account.

WTF do these people think they are???

This is BS,If your reading this Bryan, what do you suggest I do?

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Ok well I'm happy to say that after speaking with management of Sun Palace Casino, and advising them that this post exsisted, my account has just now been creidted with the 100% bonus $100US & an extra $15 for the hassles.

Everything is all cleared up, seems their was a mis-understanding on their part.
heh heh. Good going!

BTW, I have played there. Had a problem with my w/d, took a month to get because of some problem they were having with their processor or something. After complaining to playtech, the manager of the casino contacted me with apologies and processed my cashin immediately.

Something to be aware of, they have a 9 day wait for w/d! That's a bit long for my taste, but just wanted you to know.

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