Summer Super Screenie Contest

I just got 3 bonus rounds with wilds from 3 different ones.

The first one for the Airstorm Wild was taken at 1:39 AM EST ( 7:39 CET )


The second one for the Earthstone Wild was taken at 1:46 AM EST ( 7:46 CET )


The final one for the Magnetic Wilds was taken at 1:51 AM EST ( 7:51 CET )

your final day count

Day 10:

8 - Sonict (3+5 bonus boost)
8 -ternur (3+5 bonus boost)
(@nikantw - I've sent you a pm)

final total:
28 - Sonict
26 - ternur
18 - lockinlove
17 - dave1888
8 - Supababe


Casinomeister slot final total:
1 - ternur

some nice healthy scores
ticket totals sent to @pereblue
you'll have the weekend to pm me any errors (if any) before the draw

best of luck, guys and gals
hope you had fun
Thanks @dionysus, @pereblue and @L&L-Jan for the contest :thumbsup:

It was fun :)
thanks, glad you enjoyed it
a bit different this time but I'll endeavour to mix them up and keep them interesting.

as long as you guys like them and keep participating, I'm enjoying doing them :thumbsup:
note: just posting for the sake of transparency. @nikantw's screenshots weren't added to the tally as they weren't from one of the participating casinos as listed in post 1 :thumbsup:

Aouts!! That hurts, especially now. But I have myself to blame, for more than one reasons ...
Thanks @L&L-Jan for the comp and good luck and well done to the winners. :thumbsup:
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Right there with you. Hell im happy with $2-4K maximum I have ever cashed out online is closer to $5k but that money omg I could save so many client lives with a win like that.
RNG Results:
  • 1st Prize Winner: @Sonict - 100$

  • 2nd Prize Winner: @Dave1888 - 75$

3rd to 5th: Rest of participants: Supababe, ternur, lockinlove - 25$ Each.
For the CM Slot Contest Only one Participant: ternur so another 25$ for him.

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