Suggestion to Ryan Hartley


Dormant account
Nov 19, 2002
I see there has been a lot of discussion regarding the recent change by Crypto sites to count only hands where the rake is a dollar minimum with regard to clearing a bonus.

And then I have read elsewhere where you are considering changing it again, soon, to make it easier for smaller players to take advantage of bonuses. Frankly, for me, it is fine as it is because I play $3-6 or higher.

May I make a suggestion? Take a look at how does it. They give a half point for pots that reach $10 and then a whole point for pots that reach $20. Seems to me that something like that might be a nice compromise.

Just a suggestion. Either way, no matter what you decide, I will always like Intercasino and InterPoker. And thumbs up on the recent software upgrade. The increase in speed is a big plus. :thumbsup: