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Hello Bryan,

I am a new visitor to the forum / website and during my read have spotted the following... though would let you know :

Firstly, you mentioned about wizardof odds audit on some casino software but have placed a link to

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- this looks like a casino review site rather than the actuary-minded site.
instead of
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Also, I think the way your sponsor banners are put immediately after the line
"I recommend any casino affiliated with this organization NOT" in rogue casino section is confusing. Initialy, I msitaken those are casino that should be blacklisted (49er etc)...



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CAG used to be the Wizard's site. Last year he moved to and his advertising partners, Webstorm Media, retained I assume that the link was not updated at the time of the change. Even the Wizard's site has references to the old site.


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Thanks easybetman,

And welcome to the forum. When the Wizard of Odds moved, not all of the links were changed, especially on some of the old outdated pages. I'll check to see if I can find some of these.