Stripped Deck at Boss Media Draw Games


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Nov 19, 2002
I noticed something new today. Some of the 5-card Draw games are labeled 7-to-A. The deck is stripped of 2s, 3s, 4s, and 5s.

I've never seen that before. A friend told me that they play that in Europe. Is that correct? Any Europeans can vouch for that?

Does anyone know if there are any exceptions to what beats what? For instance, does a flush still beat a straight or what? I don't know where to find this info, and I was surprised to see this game offered. I'm sure plenty of people have sat down at the table and not known it was different from a regular game.

I'd be grateful for any info on this. Thanks.
Don't bother looking for the games. They've taken them down for now.

Interesting, I found some rules. The deck had 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s, 6s, removed if there were less than five active players, but they added the 6s if the table was full. Or the other way around, I forget. So imagine the confusion. No wonder they took it down.

And a hand like A6789 amounted to a straight.

Maybe they'll bring it back. Kinda strange. :rolleyes:
The decks commonly used in Central Europe consist of the cards 7-A in four suits. The decks only contain these cards, so there are no 6's and I have never heard of any poker game played with such a deck.
I have played this poker game in Spain many years,Paul1 is right if we are only 4 players we play with 8-to-A,five players 7-to A.
Straight 4 pl,A8910J,straight 5 pl,A78910 thats right and the Flush beats the Fulll house.
We play this game regularly in Pubs or at home with friends for money big amounts sometimes.
The rules about the pot,blinds, etc can be different in other cities or countries,sometimes the players decide about the rules.
I hope this will help you a bit,I dont know if the rules online will be the same or not.

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