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Jun 23, 2006
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First post.. I heard you guys were gentle.

The street name on my driver's license has a letter missing (it's a letter that some people don't pronounce). Should I get a new license before signing up with any casino? or should I simply use my passport? The driver's license is the only thing I have with both the picture and address on one document.

Also, all my utility bills are paid online. Is it good enough during verification to just send in the pdf file of a bill available online? or a scan of a printout of the online bill?

I'm not the best one to to say for sure . But I will say . I just had a experiance , where I first signed up with platinum play and I won 3050.00 I completed the withdrawl process got my check and cashed it, I deposited just a few days ago and won 800.00 i processed the withdrawl to my neteller this time . and was told I had to send in a front and back copy of my credit card even though I did not use it to deposit this time. But i did when i won the 3000. And I explained to them that about a week ago i called it in lost .(I think my little girl threw it out the windowwhile playing in mommys purse) But they were totally understanding and said just send in a statement with that number on it. I told them I recieve all my staements online , So they said no problem i went logged on pulled a copy up of my statement and emailed it. All went well they proccessed my withdrawl. people move all the time and still play before they have a chance to switch address on their id. My guess is they mostly want it to verify age and like platinum play it says in their terms & con. they have the right to void a transaction if the name on the account dont match the name on the credit card., until all can be verified.
If your really in a hurry to play now I would choose a casino and then before you register chat and ask. but I do not see that 1 missing letter causing you problems. Some casinos do not ask for these docs until later. Like I said i withdrew 3000. was not asked for nothing , then on a 800.00 withdrawl they wanted docs, its just up to which ever casino you choose, READ TERMS AND CONDITIONS. make sure you do that , I didnt . dont make the mistake. and be up front with them.

This post is not to be taken as factual it is based on my personal experiance only. you may not threaten or attemt to harm or sue me in any court or in any way. :D
Hi, Ritsuko.

I wish I could tell you whether it will or won't be a problem. Unfortunately, I don't think anyone can predict what problems casinos will or won't have with IDs or documents ahead of time.

I'd say you should simply stay away from casinos that require them (documents), but unfortunately, that's also hard to know ahead of time - some always require them (Golden Palace), others only want them if you win big.

I can tell you that my own mailing address is not the one on my drivers' license, and that the few times I've had to send it in, I haven't had a problem. Unfortunately, with online casinos you never know if you're going to have a problem, until it happens.

If you go through casinos listed here, I suspect you're less likely to have a problem. And if you do have a problem, you're more likely to get help.
MSWILS411 said:
I think my little girl threw it out the windowwhile playing in mommys purse


Ha ha, that's exactly what happened to my birth certificate a couple of years ago. Never did find it. Don't ya just love little girls? :D
In my experience, casinos want your Driver's license to make sure you're legal age and to establish your identity.

They ask for a bill with your address on it to verify your address.

My driver's license hasn't had my correct address on it the whole time I've been playing online (4 years). And that has never been a problem for me. Seems like they realize that people move all the time.

I don't think you'll have a problem with your driver's license address.

As for your utility bill, I've sent a couple bill verifications with a .pdf file downloaded from the online site. Both casinos accepted it.

I think, in the end, it might depend on the casino, but I only play Casinomeister accredited casinos.

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