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Nov 20, 2005
Re: Microgaming slots

If you move your mouse over the credit area, a pop-up appears that converts your credits to a dollar amount. Unfortunately, I inadvertently discovered that if you hit your MAX BET button and immediately move your mouse to the credits, the pop up reveals your dollar amount AFTER the bet you just made but before the reels start spinning. You can imagine the temptation. Now I have another impulse to contain...........:sniper:

I have already had a good go at this. What seems to be happening is that the pop-up displays the result of your bet before the reels have spun or the cards have been dealt.
Microgaming have left themselves open to accusations with this simple error in programming. It can look like a game is rigged. Take 50 or 100 hand VP, set it on slow and deal. Then press "draw" and move the mouse to the credits and it will update to the end result of all 50 or 100 "independent" hands before even the first row has been unveiled!

This feature has enabled me to put to rest the question as to whether the free spins on slots are genuine independent games or just a way of displaying a pre-chosen win. Thankfully, the figure updates with each of the free spins, rather than for the set as a whole, so not fixed but fair.
Muchos Grande, not so clear, on picking the first map, with two unchosen, (the result should depend on what is picked next), I moved to the credits, and NO DISPLAY, the feature was blocked! - what are they trying to hide by going to such trouble to kill the "wagering bubble" on the pick features but leave the botched display timing on the other games that show as being fair.

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