strange problem


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Oct 4, 2011
i deposited 50 into 32red today and took a 50 bonus.. meaning WR was 1500

i played BDBA at.72 a spin set auto play and off it went...about 5th spin i hit 300 ...

spent next few hours working off the WR 2083 spins needed at .72.....i completed spins and went to cashout but it said i still had bonus to play

thought i must have got my sums wrong so played more a total of 2280 spins..but it still saying i have 10 bonus to clear spoke to CR who said i needed to wager another 20 pounds..ive already wagered 197 spins more than should have been required

my playcheck confirms all my bets were at .72 despite CR telling me otherwise..

mark looking into it have every faith he will sort it..

but its an odd one for sure...pretty miffed ive gone 197 spins over what was needed as it cost me plenty of money


Sep 28, 2010
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It`s all down to a bug sattty get in contact with CS, I will almost guarantee it`s down to Bullseye flagging an unfinished game.

Ooops just noticed you have told Mark.

If you were using stats as a guideline did you subtract the free spins as these do not count towards a w/r?.